Zak Quad Fish

We have a full size run of the Zak Quad Fish on our racks at Zak Surfboards!!!  The twin fish was one of our best sellers last year – for 2018 we have tweaked the shape & added 4 fins to give it a slightly bigger wave range than previous versions. This Fish model has a  fuller rail up front for a more forgiving ride – making it more stable on the front foot & less catchy in choppier conditions.  This fuller rail then tapers down to quite sharp edge in the tail.  This sharper rail gives you more sensitivity, control and bite.  The rail in the tail makes it easier to sink your edge into the wave face giving you more grip on steeper parts of the wave, it also makes the board a touch more responsive to your direction.  The tail has been pulled in slightly as well from previous versions – making this Fish a touch less skatey, allowing you to hold your line without sliding out as easily.  The tidier tail block helps you control your speed a little better, allowing you to ride it in slightly larger waves without it feeling too fluttery underfoot.

Zak Quad Fish Collage 2

Zak Quad Fish Collage 1

The slight vee bottom that we had running through the back half of the board has been flattened out a touch in favor of a predominantly flat bottom.   This makes the board a bit faster and more lively underfoot. A touch of vee has been left behind fins to help you get the board on rail and drive through turns.  Like all of our own models at Zak Surfboards, these are shaped, glassed and finished locally here in Victoria.  We use only the highest quality materials to construct our boards. We also build our boards in a more robust fashion than the industry standard.  Come in store and check these and the rest of our range out or browse them ONLINE