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True Ames

True Ames first started in 1979 in the Santa Barbara area, the early 1980s was a booming time in Southern California’s surf industry. True Ames lead the way of fin design working with the likes of Channel Islands Surfboards’ Almerrick to produce fin templates that helped Tom Curren towards his first world title. True also played a critical part in designing fins with Campbell Brothers leading cutting edge experiments of fin design.

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Fast forward to today True Ames remains at the top fin design and development. No matter what choice of surf craft in mind True Ames has been providing the best fins for nearly 40 years. Working along side of some of the best shapers and surfers in world Channel islands, Lost, The Campbell Brothers, Tyler Warren, Christian Wach and local Victorian Adam Robertson. Pushing the envelope of fin foils and shapes, to their emerging wood fin project that features perfect produced CAD system cut bamboo and cedar fins. True Ames is one the best in the industry with their dedication to fin design leading the into the future.

Check out these couple of videos of the manufacturing process and also local Victorian surfer Adam Robertson product testing some wood fins.


We have just uploaded some products from True Ames on our online store with more products coming soon.