Tolhurst HI Diamond Drive 

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A longboard designed for performance in small to medium waves, this model has a finely tuned three stage rocker that allows you to do it all – camp out on the nose & wrap proper round house cutbacks.


Developed by Billy Tolhurst & Harley Ingleby for the small to medium waves with long walls that we all love to riding longboards on.  Walk to the front to easily noseride – buttery trimming when you stand through the middle – and a finely tunes curve and edge through the tail for speedy direction changes.

Tolhurst Diamond Drive Collage 1


Tolhurst HI Diamond Drive



A subtle blended single concave has been used through the nose that sits within a light convex bottom. This convex flattens through the middle of the board and then transitions into a spiral vee / double concaves  through the tail.  This bottom contour through the tail helps you get your board on rail quickly and easily, while holding speed through turns.

Designed with Thunderbolt Epoxy Technology, the Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive really does it all in small to medium sized waves.  Quite a few of them on the rack at present – come and check them out in store or ONLINE