Test Drive Fins CollageAt ZAK SURFBOARDS we offer a range of Test Drive Fins from Futures, Creatures & FCS. This gives you a great opportunity to test them out before you buy a new set.

Check out our full range of Test Drive Fins HERE

Ring ahead & book yourself a set to try out from our current range of test drive fins +03 9416 7384

How the Test Drive Fins program works

* You have 4 weeks to demo as many fins as you want (no more than 3 sets at a time). At the end of the 4th week you may purchase a new set of fins  (no lay-by) and you will receive all of the test drive costs off the recommended retail price of a new set of fins. This demo program is for all fins we offer for test drive. We are very strict on the timeline conditions. 4 weeks is from the date of the first hire/test drive. You must retain all test drive fins receipts to obtain the refund.