SuperBrand PigDog now instore 1We have just got a full size run of the SuperBrand PigDog now instore!

SuperBrand PigDog now instore logoThe SuperBrand Pigdog is a short/wide board that will handle steeper & bigger conditions than most shortboards – a bit like a step up without adding extra length, and without getting too gunny.

SuperBrand Pigdog collage 1SuperBrand PigDog now instore 2SuperBrand Pigdog collage 2It has a smooth curvy outline with a wider nose and a tidy pulled in tail – designed to make it a perfect fit for steeper/curvier parts of the wave, which makes life a lot easier in more critical situations like late take offs, pulling in under the lip or sucky sections.  Created with laying down big carves on big open faces or hunting down tubes in mind – the SuperBrand PigDog is a great board for good waves at home or to take to the tropics.  Also works a treat on the open beaches down the Peninsula/Island with its extra paddle power and hold.

The PigDog can definitely replace a stepup and is an easy board to transition onto from a shorter/wider shortboard.

Come and check out the PigDog instore or ONLINE  (each board will be uploaded shortly)