We have just got a few of the SuperBrand Fling Superflex for our racks.   The SuperBrand Fling is performance driven, contemporary take on a Simmons or Keel fish design. It takes the best fun & functional elements of those retro shapes and fuses them with a high performance rail, rocker, foil and bottom curve.

SuperBrand Fling SuperflexSuperbrand Fling CollageThese boards are purpose built to excel in  marginal conditions, with a very drivey, positive feel underfoot.  The Fling generates a lot of it’s own speed and creates a lot of lift which allows the rider to really zip all over weak, fat, mushy & flat wave faces . Super fast down the line, yet able to break line to allow the rider to draw more vertical direction changes which means shortboard style turns and tight carves.

Instead of relying on a wood stringer, these boards have been constructed using Superflex construction technology.   A lively stringer-less EPS core is used which works in conjunction with a woven Kevlar aka “Vector Net” glass construction. Vector net and three types of fiberglass (6oz e-glass, 5oz bi-axial, and 4oz e-glass) gives surfboards a special flex pattern and added strength throughout the board. This construction results in a consistent feel tip to tail and allows the board to flex naturally with the contours of the wave.  The Superflex construction also has a more responsive feel to applied pressure from the rider, creating a positive springy feeling underfoot and in and out of turns.

IMG_5688 Superbrand Fling Collage 2Come in store and check out these and the rest of our range of Superbrand Surfboards or have a look at them individually listed  ONLINE


2016 SUPERbrand Surfboards: Fling from Superbrand on Vimeo.