Stacey Machine Head RestockWe just got a Stacey Machine Head Restock  so there is now in a full size run hanging on our racks here at Zak Surfboards.  Recently added to added to their range – The Stacey Machine Head is Lee Stacey’s update to one of the most popular selling all round shortboards we’ve had in store over the past year – the 5150.  Designed to get the job done in 80% of the conditions the ocean will throw at you – the Stacey Machine Head is a fantastic addition to everyone’s quiver in the right dimensions.  Without doubt, one of the best balanced boards in the shop – put it under your arm and you’ll immediately know what I’m talking about.

Stacey Machine Head Restock Stacey Machine Head Collage 1The Machine Head design features a mid entry rocker for paddle, instant speed off the mark & carry over flatter sections. The outline is super easy on the eye, enough width in the right places and nicely pulled in where it needs to be for all round performance shralping.  This model has a single to double concave bottom with vee running out the tail.   The concaves have been specially tuned in this update from the 5150 to give an even bigger sweet spot.   This new bottom contour also gives this board a nice, safe & settled feeling at high speed and through critical parts of the wave, while still allowing enough lift to make it hold its own in less than ideal conditions.

Stacey Machine Head Restock Stacey Machine Head Restock Stacey Machine Head Collage 2Come in store and check out this and the rest of our range of Stacey Surfboards – or see what we currently have in stock ONLINE

MACHINE HEAD from Stacey Surfboards Pty Ltd on Vimeo.