Stacey 5150 Round TailThe Stacey 5150 Round Tail – A surfboard named after an exceptionally famous guitar amp. The 5150 from Stacey Surfboards has been on of the most popular  all rounders that we’ve had in store in the last 12-18 months.

Stacey 5150 Round Tail Stacey 5150 Round Tail Collage 1A great choice as an all rounder for Vicco waves – fuller through the nose than your standard shorty for an extra bit of paddle & stability, but still pulled in enough for tight pocket-oriented arcs. The Stacey 5150 Round Tail has plenty of speed thanks to a nice deep single concave in the front half of the board that blends through into a double concave in the tail with a hint of vee out of the tail. 

Stacey 5150 Round Tail Stacey 5150 Round Tail Collage 2We now have the 5150 Model available in store with round tails – to give you that little bit more hold and extend that rail line slightly, allowing you to keep that rail engaged for longer in bigger waves.

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