Sharp Eye Disco Back in StockWe have just got the Sharp Eye Disco back in stock at Zak Surfboards.   Sharp Eye Surfboards enjoy a large & loyal underground following in the US, they can be found under the feet of world tour surfer Felipe Toledo as well as professional surfers Brian Toth, Cody Thompson & Oliver Kurtz.

Sharp Eye Disco Back in StockSharp Eye Disco Back in StockSharp Eye Disco Collage 1The Disco was created with small to medium surf in mind  – really excelling in weaker waves up to head high.  Sharp Eye shaper Marcio Zouvi  says the Disco is  his best high performance, small wave board design to date.  The Disco really allows the rider to  tackle weaker waves with the same approach they have to better waves with their normal shortboard.  Often surfboards intended for mushier and weaker waves change the lines you draw on the wave face – not this board!  Wrap proper roundhouse cutbacks, snaps and re-entries on smaller wave faces on this shape while enjoying the increased speed, acceleration and flow.

IMG_0142 Sharp Eye Disco Collage 2The key to this design are the rocker and outline curves that Marcio has used.  The rocker in the disco is curvier than many other small wave designs.  He really has managed to find that perfect balance of curve, foam distribution and concave to allow the rider to  go fast and make the tighter turns needed to rip into smaller wave faces.

IMG_0145This design has been a favorite of several of our staff members and a bunch of regular customers of the shop for a while now for a reason.  The Disco has really proven itself a winner in our local waves – and is quite the weapon of choice in marginal to good conditions.

Come in store to check out this model and more from our collection of Sharp Eye Surfboards or suss them out ONLINE

Bouncing, with Filipe Toledo from STAB on Vimeo.