Rob Machado Midas by Firewire

We now have the the Rob Machado MIDAS by Firewire in store at Zak Surfboards.  This super fun looking shape is designed for high speed shralping in small to medium waves and looks to be an excellent addition to you quiver as we get closer to the warmer months.

The Midas has a fairly broad outline that definitely draws some influence from Twin fin designs from the 80s, with a broad, thick nose, a forward wide point & a single wing or flyer just behind the front fins.  The thicker,wider nose & forward outline helps with paddle power and glide across fatter, flatter parts of the wave.  The flyer helps the board break line and pivot for sharp snappy turns. The Flyer also allows the tail to be significantly narrower behind it – when coupled with a nice sharp rail through the tail, it gives the board more grip on the wave face, more drive and more control. More width and a straighter rail line in front of the fins also helps with generating speed…making this one pretty speedy looking shape!


Rob Machado Midas by Firewire Photo by Todd Glasser

Rob Machado Midas by Firewire Collage 1


Flip this board over and one of the most striking features of it is the unique channel bottom contours – described by Rob Machado “BOARD EAT BOARD”. This bottom contour was inspired by Rob’s exposure to George Greenough’s edge board designs – from what I can gather, the general idea is that you have the rail and surface area of 2 different board shapes that work together in the one board.  Sounds quite complex but these bottom contours end up giving you significantly more speed, manoeuvrability and allows the board to roll over on its rail easier while retaining the speed and lift of a concave bottom.

The sections or panels of the “Board Eat Board” design closer to the rail acts like a traditional vee bottom design – helping you roll your board over on it’s rail.  From a riders perspective – these vee’d sections help you engage you rail – increasing your ability to bite into the wave face & holding you line, while also reducing the likelihood of catching edges through transitions.  The vee design also helps you pull your turns around a bit tighter than you ordinarily would with just a standard concave bottom – helping you draw tighter arcs closer to the curl and carve full rail turns on smaller wave faces.




The concaved section of the “Board Eat Board” design helps with speed and lift.  As with most regular concaves this design makes the centre or stringer flatter (less rocker) than the rail of the board – this makes the board faster, with less drag, while helping the board plane on the surface of the wave face.

Rob Machado MIDAS by Firewire is not just a model to suit the advanced surfer, in the right size this board should be a pretty fun all round shape for those that are at more of an intermediate level.  The width and paddle friendly features of this design should make this a shape that is relatively easy to surf, while being pretty easy to manoeuvre compared to other boards of a similar volume.

If you are looking for something with a bit of extra zip or spice to have fun on in small to medium sized waves then this is definitely a board model to check out – full size run currently on our rack and these are available on our ONLINE store too 😉