Restock of Zak Surfboard ModelsWe have just got a restock of Zak Surfboard Models for our racks.  We’re loaded up with more stock of our Zak Models – including the Tripod, Venus Fly Trap (VFT) , Ringmaster & Twin Fish priced from $695 for the shortboards & $725 for hybrids & mini mals.

Zak Venus Fly Trap VFT Collage 1 Restock of Zak Surfboard ModelsUnlike many of our competitors, ALL of our own models at Zak Surfboards are manufactured right here in VICTORIA by your LOCAL shapers, glassers & sanders.  We use only the highest quality materials to construct our boards. We also build our boards in a more robust fashion than the industry standard.

Zak Ringmaster Collage 1 Restock of Zak Surfboard Models

Come in store and check them out – heaps back on the racks, or see them all ONLINE