Refresh Your Stick Hire & Demo Program

…Coming later in 2019

With new boards costing the best part of $1,000 Zak has been looking for a better way to allow surfers to demo boards – Refresh Your Stick has designed a program to allow this to happen.

Zak Surfboards is proud to announce a partnership with Refresh Your Stick to bring customers a new, easy to use demo program that allows surfers to ride a broad range of surfboard shapes from all the top board brands we stock in store. This includes all the latest models, the latest constructions with a choice of the latest fins from top manufacturers.

Designed with you, the surfer, in mind – Refresh Your Stick allows you to ride as many different boards and fins as you like. A great opportunity to broaden your experience on a full range of equipment & providing you with first hand user experience to guide purchase decisions.

Refresh Your Stick has a variety of different options from one-off surfboard hire to monthly subscription/memberships. All the boards come with fins, leg-rope, tail pad and cover – so you are set up and ready to hit the water. With the choice of over 100 surfboards covering the full spectrum of board designs on the market – from traditional longboards to the latest shortboard models from the worlds best shapers. The aim being, to allow you to ride a real variety of shapes so you can really nail down what you like & what best works for you. The membership programs also include perks like in store discounts , special offers and events. Think of it as part ‘GoGet’ part ‘AirBnB’ but for surfboards. Boards used in the program will be constantly rotated & updated. After a short lifespan of use for Refresh Your Stick, boards will be offered for sale to members at really great prices…this is truly a win/win for members of the program.

Refresh Your Stick packages range from simple daily hires right through to a premium subscription package – allowing you to choose boards and fins to suit your skill level and surf conditions. Annual memberships are priced much less than the price of a new board and allows you to easily surf 50+ different boards throughout the year.

Keep your eye out for the Refresh Your Stick program – we are just putting the finishing touches on its implementation in store and will be launching it very soon.