We have the Pyzel Sure Thing on our Racks at the moment at Zak Surfboards.  This model has been a big hit with our customers since it’s release because it gives you an unrivaled combination of Performance and Fun.   The perfect addition to your quiver for the  summer or for anytime you want to have fun in less than ideal waves.  The full-figured, yet streamlined outline has plenty of glide underfoot, to help you speed along even the weakest wave faces – yet still manages to feel pretty quick & snappy through turns.

Pyzel Sure Thing on our Racks

Pyzel Sure Thing Collage

The wide, fuller outline definitely draws influence from classic designs of the 1980s, most apparent in its subtle double-bump squash tail.  A fair amount of foam has been left in the nose, giving you a distinct paddling advantage with easy glide into waves, heaps of lift and drive from the get go.  The rocker has been expertly blended to match the outline and foam distribution with a nice constant medium to low curve from nose to tail.

The Pyzel  Sure Thing has a fairly deep single concave for lift and speed which then runs into a gentle Vee out the tail.  A pair of “Gas Pedal” channels have been placed between the fins in the last 9” of the tail for added projection and drive, while allowing for a fairly tight turning radius.  Even though this shape has a fair bit of extra foam & float, the rail thickness has been kept fairly moderate, which keeps this shape nice and responsive, ensuring the quick reaction times required in smaller waves.

Pyzel Sure Thing

Pyzel Sure Thing Collage 2


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SureThing_Pyzel from pyzel surfboards on Vimeo.