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FCSII Find Your Fin

FCSII Find Your Fin – FCS have made this video to help break down all of the different options in their range.

Pyzel Sure Thing on our Racks

This model has been a big hit with our customers since it’s release because it gives you an unrivaled combination of Performance and Fun.

JS Industries Nitro Model

The Nitro is a high performance small wave weapons by JS Industries – designed to generate speed with ease in even the weakest conditions

Closed Australia Day

We are closed this Friday for the Australia Day public holiday – hopefully there are some waves. Back to normal hours on Saturday though

Stacey Wave Slave model

We currently have a full size run in store – Specially formulated to let you do what you want to do when the waves aren’t cooperating.

Surfboard Studio

Foam Finishing Pads

Finishing blocks are a tool for sanding, screening the foam at the end stage of finishing your...

Surfboard Studio Fin Marker

This tool avoids some of the problems with standard layout square which measures from the stringer instead of the rail and gives you perfect fin positioning every time. This is a must have tool for the industry.

Studio Shaping Blocks

Hand glued by myself watching Tv after dinner. Painted on adhesive not sprayed on so...


Surfboard Rocker

The amount of rocker a board has is one of the most critical elements in surfboard design in relation to how a board will perform.  Matching the right amount of curve in the right areas, nose to tail, complementing the curve of a boards outline to result in a...

Tail Shapes

 Tail shapes are a very important part of surfboard design and how a board will feel when it's under your feet.  Many surfers however remain in the dark with how each different shape will effect the way a board will perform when you ride it. Riding a narrow...

How to clean and re-wax a surfboard

How to clean and re-wax a surfboard As every surf bum knows taking care of and properly maintaining your surfboard or collection of surfboards is a really big deal if you want to continue to surf, at least without any real stick troubles. All you surfers know that it...