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DHD Wilko F13

“fast as f@#k & super fun in little waves” but with “a tail that holds through carves so you can ride it in good waves too” (Matt Wilkinson)


This model successfully combines a true performance shortboard with user friendly volume resulting in a easy surfing performance shortboard

Billabong Furnace Carbon Ultra 403

One of the most technical wetsuits available this winter, the Furnace Carbon Ultra delivers Japanese innovation via its Kiwami carbon fiber thermal lining


Tail Shapes

 Tail shapes are a very important part of surfboard design and how a board will feel when it's under your feet.  Many surfers however remain in the dark with how each different shape will effect the way a board will perform when you ride it. Riding a narrow rounded...

How to clean and re-wax a surfboard

How to clean and re-wax a surfboard As every surf bum knows taking care of and properly maintaining your surfboard or collection of surfboards is a really big deal if you want to continue to surf, at least without any real stick troubles. All you surfers know that it...