We now have WaxTrak at Zak SurfboardsWe now have WaxTrak at Zak Surfboards.  This new product is a major upgrade to regular wax jobs, allowing you to get a perfect wax job every time with less mess and significantly more grip than traditional wax jobs. 

We now have WaxTrak at Zak SurfboardsWaxTrak is a removable vinyl sheet that helps create high performance wax bumps on the deck of your surfboard, perfectly designed to give you super grippy traction every time. By far the most effective way to put on wax and take off wax your surfboard. Once applied to a clean surfboard deck, WaxTrak creates a unique tread pattern on your board that will grab your wax with ease and precision. Complete your upgraded wax job by rubbing on your favorite surf wax base-coat and finish up with a layer of top-coat suited for your water temperature. A fresh application of top-coat surf wax may be applied before each surf session. You will never need to use a wax-comb again because this raised pattern will not flatten out with use like most wax jobs. When your wax becomes dirty and ready for a change, simply peel off the WaxTrak mess free!  No more hours of scraping off old wax or putting your board in the hot sun to melt the wax. Less time waxing, more time surfing.

IMG_1256Application Instructions

Clean your board COMPLETELY free of any wax, wax residue and dust.

Identify placement location for the WaxTrak.

Peel down the top half of the backing and affix the upper portion of the WaxTrak to the board, carefully running your fingers from the center to the edges to work out any air pockets. Lift and re-position if needed.

Peel off remaining backing and carefully smooth the WaxTrak onto the board from center to outside edge.

Press all edges of the WaxTrak down firmly to the board. A plastic straight edge, like a bank card, should be used in application to create a tight seal along the smooth outer edges.

Press the entire WaxTrak onto the board once again by hand, working out any air pockets.

Apply base-coat wax until large, well-defined bumps form on the textured pattern.

Apply top-coat surf wax over the base-coat before each surf session.

For best results, the WaxTrak should be changed every 2 to 3 months.

WaxTrak is now exclusively available in Australia from us in store or ONLINE

WAXTRAK Full Tutorial from WAXTRAK on Vimeo.