Modom Shark Leash The Modom Shark Leash now available in store.  Utilizing magnetic technology developed by Sharkbanz USA which according to their research & development, has the ability to potentially reduce shark interaction.

Sharks are known to have an accute ability to sense natural electrical stimuli, the Sharkbanz magnetic technology contained with the Modom Shark Leash apparently has the potentially to disrupt this sense, causing a highly unpleasant sensation that turns inquisitive sharks away.

Modom Shark Leash

Modom Shark LeashThese Modom Shark Leashes are is fully interchangeable,  so you can easily swap or replace the leash cord for different sized waves or if you damage it.  These leashes don’t use batteries and therefore don’t require  charging and according to the Sharkbanz research don’t lose deterrent powers over time if cared for correctly.  They also come in a protective box so that they don’t interfere with your electrical devices.

Modom Shark Leash

Available from us in store and ONLINE – come in  and check them out.

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