...Lost Psycho Killer now in store

The …Lost Psycho Killer is now in store at Zak Surfboards

 This new model from …Lost is a variation of the very popular Quiver Killer design.  Featuring a lot of the same characteristics that made the Quiver Killer one of …Lost’s most popular surfboards over the pasty few years, with a touch of extra spice courtesy of a double flyer swallow tail combo.

In this new model, Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos  has made sure to retain all of the easy surfing features of the Quiver killer – so as you’d expect, this model is nice & easy to catch waves and create speed on.  A new fuller & flatter deck profile on this model also packs in foam for paddling power and stability. This extra foam then tapers in two stages to a finer rail, making sure this is still a responsive & lively board to ride.

The Psycho Killer is equally at home in hollow, tubing waves or throwing down manoeuvres on open faces – it is great for performing full rail carves and yet still nimble enough for quick direction changes, particularly manoeuvres in, around & through the lip.  The way this model differs from the Quiver Killer is its ability to perform on flatter faces waves.  The extra area in the tail, a deeper double concave through the tail rocker and double bump swallow combination allows for a slightly snappier & looser ride – and provides extra lift when there is less shape in the waves you are riding.

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Psycho Killer by …Lost Surfboards from Lost Video Productions on Vimeo.