JS Blak Box II Round Tail 1We have just got out first box of what will be a full size run of JS Blak Box II  round tail models instore.

JS Blak Box II Round Tail 2The JS Blak Box II was originally intended as a forgiving performance surfboard for average waves. Jason Stevenson designed this model to be surfed in 0-4ft waves and really excel when the conditions were a bit mushy and/or crumbly.  Despite this, the design has been adopted by many as their all round shortboard – particularly in the fuller, fatter, flatter shaped waves we have here in Victoria.  The latest round tail incarnation of the design helps the board sit a bit more comfortably in the pocket  – allowing you to ride it a bit higher and tighter in the wave face.   The round tail model also comes as standard with 5 fin plugs so you can ride it as a quad to get an even greater wave range out of it.

JS Blak Box II Round Tail aThe Blak Box II round tail has a slight entry rocker and a flat exit rocker through the tail.  This help the board paddle into waves easily & creates drive and speed from the get go. It has medium to full rails, which helps prevent bogging or catching your edge, making sure you can navigate choppy or soft sections with ease and glide through fatter/flatter parts of the wave.

JS Blak Box II Round Tail 3The Blak Box II has a single concave through the nose running into a double concave starting forward of the fins, which helps direct water under your feet to maintain lift, speed and manoeuvrability as well as making it a bit easier to put and keep this board on rail.

Come and check these out instore or ONLINE