JS Monsta 3 Round TailA full size run of the JS Monsta 3 Round Tail are now instore at Zak Surfboards. From 6’0″ up to 6’6 and all with five FCSII plugs – an excellent choice for Victorian waves with the run of swell we’ve had recently and a sure fire goal kicker for trips to the tropics!

JS Monsta 3 Round Tail aIMG_4025 JS Monsta 3 collage 2The JS Monsta 3 Round Tail features a nice smooth/clean outline with a beautiful high performance rocker throughout, the nose also has a generous amount of of flip in the final 12″ to help with steeper takeoffs in sucky waves.   A tidy but not too gunny round tail coupled with a mid performance rail gives you a combination of hold/control and looseness on the open face that’s hard to top.  Monsta 3 features a single concave bottom that starts up near the nose and runs through into a double concave in front of fins. This bottom design gives the board and excellent maneuverability, lift and speed.

Come and check these out instore and ONLINE shortly