Hayden Shapes Untitled

We now have the new Hayden Shapes Untitled model in store on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  This model has been designed in collaboration with team rider Creed McTaggart  – Intended for fun times in less than ideal conditions (hello… Summer).  The Untitled has heaps of paddle power courtesy of a flatter nose rocker and a fuller foil up front, to get you into the wave and gliding onto the wave face super early.

Hayden Shapes Untitled Hayden Shapes Untitled Collage 1

A straighter section of rail in the outline through the middle of the board, broken by a wing, with a finer sensitive tail ensures that this board has a silly amount of acceleration and a super-fast top end speed.   The tail is relatively thinned out, with a touch more curve which gives this shape plenty of sensitivity and performance in the back third of the board.  This thinner tail, combined with the hip and tail rocker means that this model is nice and easy to redirect, enabling sharp, high speed direction changes and tighter arcs on smaller wave faces.

IMG_3289 Hayden Shapes Untitled Collage 2Come and check out the Hayden Shapes Untitled and the rest of our collection of Hayden Shapes that we have in store, or check them out ONLINE