Futures Morpheus Alpha FinsFutures Morpheus Alpha Fins have arrived at Zak Surfboards.  Like all Futures Fins, the Alpha Series are entirely created and manufactured at Futures Fins Headquarters in Huntington Beach USA.

Constructed out of a unique molded carbon fiber, these Alpha fins are a true performance fin in an incredibly lightweight & resilient construction. The first of their kind, created using materials and new technologies developed by Futures.

Lighter than traditional Honeycomb construction and infused with the resiliency of carbon fiber, these are the most advanced injection moulded fin material on the market.  Carbon fiber has a higher strength to weight ratio than fiberglass.  By replacing fiberglass with carbon fiber, these Futures Alpha Fins are significantly lighter & stronger than your standard fiberglass or plastic injection fins.
Futures Morpheus Alpha Fins
The new Carbon Fiber material also alowed Futures to go back to the drawing board and restructure and modify the fins flex pattern.  Material has been removed from the from tip for more spring and added it to the base for more drive – really giving these fins a unique feel underfoot.  To further increase their performance, a  3D flow texture has been added to the Alpha series, decreasing drag & minimising the possibility of fin hum at high speeds.

These fins are definitely worth checking out!  Available from us in store or ONLINE