New to the Futures Fins range, the Futures Jack Freestone Generation fin is already proving to be a fin of choice for several staff and regulars for small to medium sized waves.

A very well balanced fin that is relatively large in size, this slightly more upright template allows for tighter arcs with a generous tip giving excellent control off the top.  It’s a great choice in flatter, wider tailed boards for those you usually ride medium sized fins, or as a fin with a bit of extra pep for larger surfers in their all-round equipment. 

The Futures Generation series fins all feature a V2 foil which is the go to shape for extra speed -enhancing the efficiency of water flow across the surface of the fin. This foil gives you considerably more lift, more speed through turns and smoother rail-to-rail transitions.

Multiple layers of uni-directional fiberglass is used in the layup of all Generation series fins. This uni-directional cloth has quite a different flex to normal bi-directional glass. By it’s nature, this uni-directional cloth is stiffer when flexed in one direction & more flexible & springy in the other.  When it is placed strategically throughout a fin’s structure, an excellent balance can be struck between control through turns & liveliness in set up & transition. More rigid uni-directional carbon strips have been layered vertically across the front these fins- these strips act as spines, securing the leading edge while focusing the flex of the fin to the trailing edge and the tip.  Bi-directional 12K carbon panels are then used to cover the base of the fins – making them quite stiff. This solid base combined with the carbon strips give this fin a snappy torsional twist – which means a lively yet controlled ride underfoot.  All Futures Generation Series fins are made using epoxy resin, which  is significantly lighter & more resilient than polyester resin.  Epoxy resin allows for more flex in the fin without cracking, as well as making these fins less prone to chips and scratches.


Overall this very technical construction in the Futures Generation Series Fins results in a very positive feeling, responsive, speed-generating fin – while allowing you to retain connection to the face and control. The combination of materials used is lightweight and stable with flex in the right places – giving the rider a unique combination of liveliness, speed & power.


Side fins: Area 15.52” , Height 4.67” , Base 4.48”Foil V2

Center fin: Area 15.52” , Height 4.67” , Base 4.48” Foil SYMM


Grab a set from us ONLINE or come in store and check these out – test drive set to be added to our collection shortly