Firewire Tomo Evo in StoreFull size run of the Firewire Evo in store on our racks here at Zak Surfboards. If you are chasing one of the very popular models, we have a full size run of them in stock and can ship them to just about anywhere in Australia.

IMG_9320The Firewire Tomo EVO (short for Evolution) Tomo‘s latest take on the MPH (Modern Planing Hull) design.  Compared to Tomo’s other designs (the Vanguard & Vader  models) the EVO has a soft outline, with blunter corners & more outline curve to encourage smoother carves & transitions. Incorporating elements of the or Nano this board definitely allows a more  ‘in the pocket’ approach to the wave. With slightly more width in a central wide point, the EVO is an easy surfer in smaller, weaker waves.

EVO collage IMG_4937 Firewire Evo in StoreLike most of the Tomo designs , the EVO still holds it’s own in good waves up to just overhead. The Evo has a close to symmetrical outline, with a rather unusual & unique bottom contour dubbed the “Double inside single concave into split quad concave” – jeepers, what a mouthful 😉  This bottom contour generates heaps of lift when the board sits flat on the wave face, once on rail however it has knife like rail sensitivity and hold through turns.  Tomo recommends that the EVO is  ridden as short as possible, reflected in the user friendly volumes packed into the size range.

Remember we have the biggest range of FireWire stock in the State – over 100 boards in stock.  All of these boards are individually listed & and updated daily on our online store