Firewire Almond Butter by Zak SurfboardsThe brand new Firewire Almond Butter is now on our racks at Zak Surfboards.

This Almond Butter model has been designed by professional surfer Rob Machado and constructed in TimberTek for Firewire’s new 2016 range.   Fun is the name of the game with Rob’s new models –  and the Almond Butter is sure not to disappoint in that department.

Firewire Almond Butter by Zak Surfboards

Firewire Almond Butter Collage 1 by Zak SurfboardsRelatively flat rockered and fuller foiled, the Almond Butter will guarantee you early entry into each wave you catch. Generating and holding speed is a breeze – ensuring you connect sections and maneuvers with heaps of glide and flow.  The subtle single concave bottom keep this board fast and lively underfoot. A double concave through the back third of the board helps you keep this wider and fuller shape on rail.  The relatively full rail up front make the Almond Butter very forgiving to surf.  This rail slims down to a sharper edge in the tail to ensure connection with the wave face.

IMG_1199Not just a vehicle for mushy average waves (although it does surf these conditions extremely well) this model is versatile enough to be used in waves up to just overhead.  A fun board for any surfer in the right dimensions.

IMG_1197 Firewire Almond Butter Collage 2 by Zak SurfboardsCome in store and check out this new model or shop our full collection of Firewire Surfboards ONLINE