Epoxy Surfboard Repairs MelbourneEpoxy Surfboard Repairs Melbourne  – Here at Zak Surfboards in Thornbury we are specialists in repairing surfboards or surfcraft constructed out of Epoxy and EPS materials.   These sorts of materials are generally a touch more tempremental and can be difficult to work with.  Fortunately for you, we have been regularly using these materials since they came on to the market & we have the expertise and experience to properly fix your damaged equipment.

Don’t trust other repairers that mainly work with standard PU surfboard constructions – come to us and be sure that the right materials and techniques are used to make your board ship shape again!

Zak Surfboards offer a comprehensive repair service for all the different types of surfcraft  right here in Melbourne!! We repair all polyester and epoxy fiberglass surfboard constructions – including brands such as Firewire and Hayden Shapes.

Epoxy Surfboard Repairs MelbourneWe can also repair other polyester, epoxy fiberglass and plastic surfboards, kite-boards, wake-boards, knee-boards, water skis, surf-skis, nipper-boards, canoes, kayaks and much more. Our work is guaranteed and is of the highest standard and we offer a 1 Week Turn Around on repairs*.

It is an unfortunate but inevitable part of owning a surfboard that dings, dents and delaminations happen. Both in and out of the water, there are many causes of surfboard damage. If not fixed, over time the foam core of your surfboard will take on water, weighing it down, reducing its strength and buoyancy – ultimately hurting your boards performance.

Epoxy Surfboard Repairs Melbourne

Come by Zak Surfboards 307 Victoria Rd Thornbury Victoria 3071 any time during store hours to organize your repair with our staff.

Please note: We cannot quote repairs for you over the phone due to their subjective nature – please bring them in store and we can do one for you on the spot :)

*Most repairs if dropped in store on a Monday will be completed by Friday that week – more difficult repairs may take a little longer, particularly if the board is water logged or requires in depth paint retouching.