DHD HeaderWe finally have the DHD Mini Twin in store at Zak Surfboards. Designed as a collaboration between team rider Asher Pacey & Darren Handley.  Based on a  classic keel-fin fish outline with a few modern tweaks.  The wide point is definitely front of center in the outline of this shape, the rocker is fairly low and there is quite a lot of volume forward, with a thinned our tail that has a nice sharp edge.  All these elements are very much in keeping with classic fish designs.

DHD Mini TwinThe modern influence can be seen most prominently in the bottom contour of this board –  with a  slight single to double concave running through the guts of the shape with vee out the tail.  This concave into vee gives you a great combination of speed, lift and smooth, clean & easy rail to rail transitions.

DHD Mini TwinDHD Mini Twin Collage 1AA beaked nose has been used in this design which helps to carry a bit of extra volume forward into the nose  which helps with glide and paddle power .  The beak design also allow the shape to keep thickness in the nose and maintain a flatter rocker line through the front end of the board (because you don’t  have to kick up the rocker from the bottom to meet the nose like you do in most contemporary designs).

DHD Mini TwinDHD Mini Twin Collage 2Designed with waves 1-4ft in mind – this shape screams fun and personally I cant wait for us to get our demo so I can take one for a spin;)  Come in store and check the DHD Mini Twin model out in person or view this and the rest of our range of DHD Surfboards individually listed ONLINE

Asher Pacey’s Twin Fin Addiction from Tracks Magazine on Vimeo.