Dakine 2017 LeashesWe have a full range of the brand new Dakine 2017 Leashes in store at Zak Surfboards.  The 2017 leash is a complete over-haul from designs from previous seasons.  All aspects of these leashes have been improved for this year, from the rail saver to the cuff that wraps around your ankle.

The new cuff is constructed out of a special lightweight molded neoprene. Not only lighter, this new cuff is also more comfortable to wear and less prone to slipping or twisting on your ankle. The actual leash is made out of the highest quality urethane available which gives them the the strongest yet flexible cord, with opti-flex leashes ends to maximize durability.   A posi-lock hook and loop system is now used in all leashes, so the leash  never rips off –  this design was originally built to help make  leashes withstand the power of Peahi “Jaws.  The connection between the cord and the molding is the number one cause of failure in most leashes –  Dakine have fixed this problem by creating the perfect flexibility between the two.  Furthermore, nothing but the best marine-grade swivels are used in all Dakine 2017 Leashes .  These swivels don’t ever corrode or lockup from exposure to saltwater.

All the technology that has been used to create their specialized ‘Peahi’ leashes is now used across the full Dakine leash range. This ensures that each Dakine leash style in the range is argueably the best constructed and strongest of it’s kind on the market.  These Dakine 2017 Leashes and the rest of the 2017 Dakine Range of Surfing Hardware are now available in store at Zak Surfboards or ONLINE

John John rides Dakine 😉


DAKINE 2017 Leash Redesign from TAKE SHELTER PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.