Creatures Surf Accessories Case are in store at Zak Surfboards!!  Tired of all of you surf gear flying around in the back of you car? Want to keep all of your spare fins, Sunscreen, spare leashes, wax and other accessories neatly together?  sick of losing stuff when you go surfing?  These Creatures Surf Accessories Cases could be the answer!!

Creatures Surf Accessories Case


Carry all of your surf essential bits and pieces in this sturdy, insulated (to help prevent wax melting) & convenient case.  Enough room to comfortably house 3 sets of fins, multiple blocks of wax, your sunscreen needs, spare legropes & more. Neat and slimline enough to be stashed comfortably under you seat or elsewhere in your car.  Make sure all of your surfing essentials are together and organized to make sure you’re covered for your next trip down the coast- or take it with you when you next head overseas.

Grab one from us when you are next in store or ONLINE