!! The Chilli Faded Model is now in store at Zak Surfboards !!

You still looking for that one board that you can be comfortable on when it starts to pump? Don’t want it super long or too gunny? Still want the board to turn in the pocket and run out on the open face? Want it to last? Want that traveller for your next Indo or Maldives adventure? Want something that will work well locally too? The ‘Faded‘ from Chilli Surfboards might well be just that board!!!  This recent addition to the Chilli Surfboards Line-up has been heavily tested in all sorts of conditions by two of the more powerful units to jump on foam and fibreglass, Jay Davies and Luke Egan – the Faded is also glassed a bit heavier than standard with (6 oz x 4 oz deck) with some added innegra and twin carbon bottom strips – so you can be confident this thing will handle the juicer stuff better than most.

The Faded Design features a relatively generous amount of foam foam in the center of the board for paddle power and easy wave pickup. The design also features a super smooth entry rocker in the nose with a beautiful flow all the way out through the tail – giving you a silky smooth ride out on the face and tight in the pocket. A medium to low rail has been used for excellent bite into the wave face while remaining relatively forgiving.  The bottom features a fairly mellow single concave through the majority of the board, for a great combination of speed down the line and flow through maneuvers.  A neat round tail and narrower tail block has been used for smooth turns with that extra hold & control you need at high speeds, in steeper parts of the wave.

Overall, a great looking board for when the waves have a bit more juice both a home and overseas.  Full size run currently on our racks – come and check them out in Store or grab on ONLINE


Chilli Surfboards – Faded from Chilli Surfboards on Vimeo.