Chilli ChuroWe have a few Chilli Churo models now on our racks at Zak Surfboards.   This board was deemed the winner in this year’s Stab Magazine – “Sinning Is More Fun In Summer” – a small wave board test amongst a packed field of some of the world’s best shapers.  The Churro shape was tested by esteemed pilots Craig Anderson, Taj Burrow and Chippa Wilson – ultimately claiming the number 1 spot.

Chilli ChuroChilli Churro Collage 1Initially conceived by James Cheal as a forgiving board with a large sweet spot, the type of board that would cater to a high performance approach in less than ideal conditions.  This model was developed in collaboration with team rider Mitch Coleborn over the past year.  A design stemming from his need for a kick ass small wave contest board with more paddle, glide & lift than his regular shortboards (as we all know, the wave quality on the World Qualifying Series is generally pretty poor).

The outline of this shape is somewhat like a squashed down version of his signature shortboard (the Spawn) that has been married with a much  flatter, faster rocker.  This wider outline really helps with generating speed in weaker waves as well as carrying momentum through fat and flat sections.  The critical thing with this model is how James Cheal has balanced this extra width within the context of the overall shape – making sure the board isn’t so wide that it can’t be surfed with a performance approach.

IMG_5907bw Chilli Churro Collage 2The rocker in the Chilli Churro is subtle & relatively low from the nose of the board all the way through to the tail.  A perfect balance has been struck here with enough curve left in the board to allow it to fit the curl of small wave faces, but flat enough so it won’t feel like it’s pushing water and to allow for excellent speed generating capabilities.  A single concave has been used from under the front foot, stretching right back through the tail block and flattening out just behind the rear fin.  This concave setup ensures plenty of speed, lift & and lively feel underfoot  in even the weakest conditions.

Chilli Churro Rocker ShotA great board for small to medium wave hifi shredding  for the advances surfer, potentially a nice forgiving choice in the right dimensions as an all-rounder for those that are more intermediate.  Come in store and check the Churro & rest of our range of Chilli Surfboards out – or browse them ONLINE

Churro – STABMAG – sinning is more fun in summer from Chilli Surfboards on Vimeo.