We currently have a small size run of the Channel Islands Campbell Brothers Bonzers on the racks – How sick are these things?! As many of you know, the boss man has a bit of a crush on all things Bonzer and as soon as he saw these beauties, he had to get some in for the shop.  The two models that we have in store are the Shelter & the Biscuit Bonzer – designs that mesh the decades of board building expertise shared by the iconic Channel Islands label and Campbell Brothers surfboard brands.

Channel Islands Campbell Brothers BonzersCI Campbell Bros Shelter Bonzer Collage 1From their beginnings in the late 60s/early 70s, a short distance of only a few miles of coastline separated Al Merrick and The Campbell Brothers (Malcolm and Duncan).  Al and Malcolm first began working together in 1985, when Malcolm came on board and shaped for Al/CI for over 20 years …while still developing unique shapes with his brother Duncan.  Now (30 years on) a design offering is born out of the combined experience and mutual respect for each others designs.

Channel Islands Campbell Brothers BonzersChannel Islands Campbell Brothers Bonzers CI Campbell Bros Shelter Bonzer Collage 2

The Shelter model is contemporary performance oriented 5 fin Bonzer shape.  Gifted it’s name from the 2001 surf film “Shelter” by Chris Malloy – a 6’2″ and a 6’4″ version of this model were ridden in the movie by surfers Taylor Knox & Donovan Frankenreiter to great effect.  The Shelter is a versatile all round shape, that has been designed to perform well in a wide variety of conditions.  You can surf this model at a similar size, width and thickness to you favorite short board.  The distinguishing characteristics of this board are swift, catch free rail to rail transition and a tremendous amounts of drive.  Bonzer designs are also known for maintaining speed exceptionally well through carving maneuverswally waves of Victoria watch out!!!


Channel Islands Campbell Brothers Bonzers CI Campbell Bros Biscuit Bonzer Collage 1The Biscuit Bonzer combines the extremely popular Channel Islands Biscuit model with a the Campbell Brothers bonzer bottom contours and fin set up. The ultra-flat rocker and pronounced spiral vee really meshes well with the Bonzer 5 fin set up resulting in a super fast but still relatively forgiving speed machine.   The flat rocker and relatively generous foil ensures early wave entry, great paddling speed and glide galore once on a wave face.  The reasonably curvy outline and spiral vee in the tail helps tighten up the arcs you can draw, making it easier to put and keep this board on rail .  The Biscuit Bonzer is a great model to spice up your surfing in small to medium sized waves with a really nice, lively feel underfoot.

Channel Islands Campbell Brothers Bonzers CI Campbell Bros Biscuit Bonzer Collage 2

Come and check these and the rest of our range of Channel Islands Surfboards out in store or ONLINE