Category: Water Apparel

EQ Seals Ear Plugs are back

EQ Seals Ear Plugs are back in stock at Zak Surfboards!! Formerly known as Sorky’s – these are one of our best selling sets of ear plugs ever… we have a bunch of customers and staff members who swear by these...

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C-Skins ReWired 43 Steamer

If you are after a super comfortable and lightweight winter steamer that doesn’t restrict you in the slightest then the C-Skins ReWired 43 Steamer is definitely worth checking out. Like other C-Skins wetsuits, these...

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Winter Steamers

At Zak Surfboards we have the biggest range of Winter Steamers on our racks in Melbourne (& one of the biggest in Victoria).  Heaps of choice at various different price points.  Spend your time surfing rather than shopping...

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