JS Industries RAGING BULL Round Tail

JS Industries RAGING BULL Round Tail

JS Industries Raging Bull Occy Action Image

The Raging Bull Model is back!! Designed for fast, flowing, on-rail surfing in a wide range of conditions.  With Occy locking in a lot more water time in the past year, JS & Occy decided it was a great time to revisit the popular Raging Bull model from years past and update it for 2019.

This updated version does a great job of combining characteristics from a full performance shortboard with user-friendly features to deliver what is probably the most forgiving model in JS’ Performance Series.  A board that is not just for the small to medium stuff – it has the ability to handle a great range of conditions from quite mediocre to overhead, heaving barrels.

JS Industries Raging Bull Outline Comparison
JS Industries Raging Bull nose & Tail Shots

The outline of the Raging Bull has a fuller nose (both in foam distribution & area) with the wide point brought forward.  This extra foam and area up front combined with a flatter entry rocker ensures plenty of glide into waves and paddle power.  This forward wide point then draws back to a somewhat pulled-in round tail. The narrower tail block helps give this board a nice drivey feel underfoot and allows plenty of control for turns at high speed and in critical parts of the wave. A touch more curve through the tail adds manoeuvrability and release out of turns.

The foil of this model features what JS & Occy call the “Raging Bull thickness”. JS has strategically left a generous amount of foam throughout the board which gives it excellent glide over flat sections and flow between maneuvers as well as plenty of paddle power.

The bottom contour of this board (similar to the Monsta 8) is a moderate single concave that starts up under the front foot, moving into double just before the fins for lift and clean, catch free transitions from rail-to-rail.

JS Industries Raging Bull Bottom contour

The Raging Bull is designed to make surfing your best easier, grab one of these and be sure that you’ve got a true all-rounder that will have you well covered at home and when you’re away on trips.  With a positive, drivey feel underfoot and fantastic flow this is a model that’s sure not to disappoint. Arriving in store shortly… Shop our full range of JS Industries Surfboards

Futures Legacy Series

Futures Legacy Series

Futures Legacy Series GIF

Futures have significantly simplified the process of selecting fins with their new Legacy Series3 templates (Rake, Neutral & Pivot) in 3 sizes (Small, Medium & Large) with the exact same area and construction.

Futures Legacy Series - Rake, Neutral & Pivot

Switching the fin template while retaining the same fin area allows you to dramatically change both the turning circle and the drive of your board.  The area remains constant – allowing you to retain a consistent amount of fin under you feet. All constructed in the honeycomb fiberglass – making the flex relatively constant.

With three sets of fins you can easily fine tune your equipment to a wide variety of conditions.  If it’s peaky beachbreaks – chuck in a set of the Pivot template so you can make those tight direction changes.  If your local point is pumping – grab a set of the Rake template and enjoy the extra speed, drive and control.  Sitting slap bang in the middle of the Pivot & the Rake is the Neutral template – with a great balance of pivot, drive and hold.

Futures Legacy Series Rake
Futures Legacy Series Neutral
Futures Legacy Series Pivot

The full Futures Legacy Series are now on our racks in store and also available from us ONLINE

Easter Opening Hours

Easter Opening Hours

Easter Opening Hours

19th April Good Friday – closed –

20th April Saturday 10am-5pm

21st April Sunday – closed –

22nd April Monday 11am-4pm

23rd April Tuesday 10am-6pm

…Lost Sabotaj Now On Our Racks

…Lost Sabotaj Now On Our Racks

...Lost Sabotaj 1

The “SaboTAJ”  is one of the latest creations from the ongoing design collaboration between Taj Burrow and Matt Biolos.  The concept for this model was to provide Taj a one board weapon for travel – a board that would be equally at home in waist high beach breaks as in overhead boomers. Taj rides this model a touch shorter than his typical performance shortboard, but the with and foam distribution makes this board a better paddler.  For us less gifted practitioners, the Sabotaj can be ridden a bit shorter or longer than your daily driver depending on the waves you intend to use it in. It probably best suited for use in better than average waves locally (or at least something with a little more shape & power) & would make a great choice as an addition to you quiver for the coming winter and/or travel to the tropics.

...Lost Sabotaj 2
...Lost Sabotaj 3
...Lost Sabotaj 4

Initially based on the popular ‘Rock-Up chassis and refined with Taj’s feedback, incorporating elements from Matt’s more than 10 years of experience developing shorter, wide nose, low entry “quiver killing” travel boards. 

The SaboTAJ has a moderate rocker with a somewhat lower entry for a fast, drivey feel. The curve in the tail has all the whip of a high performance step up for tight radius arcs and control in steep sections. There is a shallow concave under the front foor that runs between your feet & then flattens out the tail.  Enough concave to add a bit of speed and lift, but not so much that you lose the controlled, predictable feel underfoot that you want in waves with more power.   There is a touch of double concave through the tail which further adds speed and helps keep this board clean and catch free through turns.

Available in store or shop our collection with live stock listing ONLINE

DHD Sweet Spot 3.0 Now In Store

DHD Sweet Spot 3.0 Now In Store

DHD Sweet Spot 3.0 Now In Store

We now have a full size run of the DHD Sweet Spot 3.0 (including a demo) in store at Zak Surfboards. An updated version of the very popular Sweet Spot model for 2019 which is your ultimate better wave board – purpose built for when conditions have a bit more power and shape.  This board covers you from moderate up to quite solid conditions – making it a fantastic board for better than average conditions at home or to take traveling.

The Sweet Spot 3.0 has a slightly thicker/fuller foil through the nose for a little more front foot glide and paddle power. The outline has also been moved a touch further forward which helps with stability on the front foot for landing late-drops and gives it a drivier outline.  The rails have been lowered a little as well for extra hold and control at higher speeds. There is also a touch more entry rocker which helps with steeper drops and critical turns.

 Bottom Shot

The Sweet Spot 3.0 features a performance rocker with a nice, tidy rounded pin tail.  This not only keeps your turns smooth and catch free but also gives this board greater control in steeper, more powerful waves.  A touch of double concave has been used through the tail to help keep it clean in transition from rail to rail & to help you control the speed the board generates.  

If you are used to riding a slightly shorter wider board as your normal shortboard (which most of us Victorians tend to do) then you’ll feel right at home on this board when the waves start getting good. Glassed heavier than standard stock boards for strength and reliability with Innegra re-enforcement & Tiger Claws ridges around the fins & tail.

Full size run now in store on our racks or shop our collection ONLINE

Mark Richards Surfboards Now In Store

Mark Richards Surfboards Now In Store

MR Mark Richards Surfboards Retro Twin image

We are pleased to announce we are now a stockist of MR Mark Richards Surfboards. That’s right you will now be able to get your fill from one of the greatest surfer / shapers of all time. Our first small drop of boards is now on the racks with more to come shortly. There are also a bunch of his models available to hire / demo through our partnership with Refresh Your Stick (So you can try before you buy!!)

On The Edge Of A Dream

On The Edge Of A Dream


We are very stoked to announce that we will be hosting a screening of “ON THE EDGE OF A DREAM” down at The Surfboard Studio on Friday APRIL 5th. For the past five years Ellis Ericson and Andrew Kidman have been working with George Greenough on the modern evolution of his Edge Board design.  (all photos: courtesy of Andrew Kidman @andrewkidman )

Both shapers, the film charts Ericson and Kidman’s journey as they work with Greenough to personalize their own equipment with a design George has been toying around with since the late ‘60s. Shot in Australia on the North Coast of New South Wales, the film features the original venues of Lennox Head and Angourie where Greenough’s innovative Edge designs were tested in the early ‘70s.

This screening is part of the On the Edge of a Dream | East Coast Australia tour 2019 ( Support by RVCA). The film screening will be presented by Andrew Kidman and Ellis Ericson – they are touring this film up and down the east coast through the months of March and April. At the screenings they will be showcasing a variety of Surfboards from the project, artwork by Barry Mcgee plus there will be some time for QnA’s.


Captain Fin Co Restock

Captain Fin Co Restock

Captain Fin Co Restock

We have just received a big top up of Captain Fin Co stock – plenty of Twins, Quads & Keels with more stock of popular styles and a few new templates and colour-ways.

Pictured above are the:

Tyler Warren Twin + Trailer in Blue

Chippa Wilson x NPJ Twin in Yellow

Chippa Wilson x NPJ Twin in Orange

The Troy Elmore Twin + Trailer in Brown

Jeff McCallum Quad in Black

Tyler Warren Twin + Trailer in Turquoise

NPJ Quartet in Brown

Jeff McCallum Twin Keel in Acid Splash

All of these and more are available now in store or ONLINE

Refresh Your Stick – now live!!

Refresh Your Stick – now live!!

Refresh Your Stick is now live – a new, easy to use surfboard demo / hire platform that we have just implemented at Zak Surfboards. Refresh Your Stick is designed to allows surfers to ride a broad range of surfboard shapes from all the top board brands, including all the latest models and constructions. What’s more – you can also match your surfboard selection with a choice of the latest fins from the top manufacturers. It is set up to be your ultimate ‘try before you buy’ vehicle. If you aren’t sure what you want to add to your quiver next, or want to make sure the dimensions you are thinking of are right on that next board then Refresh Your Stick is the place to figure it all out, before purchase.

Designed with you, the surfer, in mind – the Refresh Your Stick program allows you to ride as many different boards and fins as you like. A great opportunity to broaden your experience on a full range of equipment and provide you with first-hand user experience. Choose from simple daily hire, right through to a premium subscription package (…coming shortly) – pick boards and fins to suit your skill level and the surf conditions.

So head over to their website and browse their collection and pick something out for your next session. Currently over 100 boards to choose from from all of the manufacturers that we stock in store:


Pyzel Shadow

Pyzel Shadow

Refresh Your Stick

The SHADOW  is now in stock at Zak Surfboards (SHOP NOW)- a new high performance shortboard design from John Pyzel . The Shadow sits in the ‘Ghost’ family right between the Ghost and Phantom.  The wide point in the shadow isn’t quite as far forward the those other two designs & the Shadow isn’t quite as full through the nose.  It does however remain relatively generous up there with plenty of foam under for a HP shortboard thanks to some subtle tweaks in the foil.

The Shadow has a touch less area up front and a little more nose rocker to prevent it from catching and reduce the swing weight. The tail is a a nice pulled in squash tail with a subtle hip for added snap through turns & to help keep it nice and tight in the pocket.

The rocker and bottom contour has been kept identical to the Phantom – a proven combination of medium curve & single to double concaves that works great in everyday waves around the world.  The foil has been expertly tuned to maximise flow and paddle power meaning that Shadow should grovel a touch better than most boards.

If you are in the market for a new HP shortboard then the Shadow is definitely worth checking out… Available in store or ONLINE

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