Big DHD restock just arrivedA big DHD restock just arrived in store – key sizes topped back up of popular models Black Diamonds, Skeleton Keys and most importantly the new Switchblade.

DHD restockDHD restockFreshly updated for 2016, the  DHD Switchblade  model is one of the better looking performance small wave shortboards we’ve ridden  in a while!  Light and maneuverable underfoot, a model that performs well in a wide variety of  conditions. The DHD Switchblade model is designed to be ridden a touch shorter and wider than regular shortboards.  Volume has been strategically placed throughout the shape to ensure speed through ‘dead sections’ while retaining a full performance feel.

For this version of the model, the wide point has been moved 1” further forward forward, creating a more streamlined outline.  To balance out this straighter outline, the tail block has been pulled in slightly, improving turning overall.  The double concave has also been reduced slightly — lessening the chance of catching rail in choppy conditions.

IMG_8493 DHD Switchblade 2016 Collage 2Come and check out our large range of DHD Surfboards in store or have a look at each board individually listed ONLINE