Selecting the Right Fins

Selecting the Right Fins for your surfboard can really be a daunting task.  There are so many options to choose from for starters and it seems that there really isn’t a lot of good, user friendly information readily available.   Having the right fins can really make or break a board (performance wise) – so here in this article, I’ll attempt to cover the basics of fin design & construction. Hopefully this will make selecting your next set of fins a little bit easier 😉 Please Note: If you can’t be bothered reading all of the info below, I’ll...

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The Wetsuit Guide

The Wetsuit Guide Looking at buying a new wetsuit? Or just getting into surfing and looking for your first wettie? We’ve put together this general guide on how wetsuits work, and an explanation of the different features you can get in a wetsuit to help you choose the right suit to get you in the water, and stay warm! WHAT ARE WETSUITS MADE OF? Wetsuits are made of neoprene, an elastic synthetic rubber material which has good insulation properties. Winter and premium wetsuits often have a lining material such as merino wool or polyester that give extra warmth and...

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Wetsuit Care Tips

We have put together a list of Wetsuit Care Tips to help you keep your suit in tip top condition and ensure you get the maximum life out of your suit. Below I run through the Dos & Don’ts of caring for your wetsuit, as well as some important info on warranties. Wetsuit Care Tips Rinse your wetsuit in cool, fresh water after every surf Dry your wetsuit in the shade – leaving your wetsuit to sit out in the sun for hours to dry can speed up the aging process of the neoprene in your suit, gradually making...

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Thruster vs Quad

Thruster vs Quad – With 5 fin plugs becoming common in a lot of surfboards, a question we get asked quite often in store is – should I surf my board as a Thruster or a Quad? With both fin set ups dramatically changing the riding characteristics of your surfboard, the choice of a Thruster vs Quad  is really dependendant on how you want your board to perform, the feel underfoot you like, the design of the board, and the conditions you are going to surf it in.  Below we’ll look into how these fin set-ups change the performance...

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The Art of the Quiver part 2 The Groveller

The Art of the Quiver part 2 The Groveller (small wave weapon of choice) In an ideal world we could have one board that would do everything – go well in all conditions, paddle ridiculously well yet still be ultra responsive and do exactly what we want it to , when we want it to.  Unfortunately this magic board doesn’t exist –  most people can get away with one allrounder, but the sheer variety of waves we have here in Victoria, coupled with other factors such as wind and tide make this a hard task. One way to make sure...

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