Month: August 2017

Selecting the Right Fins

Selecting the Right Fins for your surfboard can really be a daunting task.  There are so many options to choose from for starters and it seems that there really isn’t a lot of good, user friendly information readily available.   Having the right fins can really make or break a board (performance wise) – so here in this article, I’ll attempt to cover the basics of fin design & construction. Hopefully this will make selecting your next set of fins a little bit easier 😉 Please Note: If you can’t be bothered reading all of the info below, I’ll...

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Chilli Faded

!! The Chilli Faded Model is now in store at Zak Surfboards !! You still looking for that one board that you can be comfortable on when it starts to pump? Don’t want it super long or too gunny? Still want the board to turn in the pocket and run out on the open face? Want it to last? Want that traveller for your next Indo or Maldives adventure? Want something that will work well locally too? The ‘Faded‘ from Chilli Surfboards might well be just that board!!!  This recent addition to the Chilli Surfboards Line-up has been heavily...

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Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket

Lost Pro-Formance Series Pocket Rocket models are now in store at Zak Surfboards – full size run hanging on our racks at present!! The aim of this new Pro-formance series is to allow customers to purchase exactly what is under the feet of the many top level athletes that Matt ’Mayhem’ Biolos shapes for. Over the past 12 months, Matt has narrowed down a single magic design from top surfers quivers, for each of these Pro-formance board models. He has then scaled that design up and down to create full size runs.  In the case of the Pocket Rocket, the...

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New Creatures Grips in Store

We now have the brand New Creatures Grips in Store at Zak Surfboards.  Set to officially drop in the coming months this new range features all new designed signature pads for all of their team riders including –  Griffin Colapinto @griffin_cola , Mitch Coleborn @mitch_coleborn , Stephanie Gilmore @stephaniegilmore , Joan Duru @joanduru , Ethan Ewing @ethan_ewing , Mick Fanning @mfanno , Jay Davies @jay_davies & Nat Young @nat_young Also in this range is some really good looking front foot traction options for those of you who like that.  This 2018 range is now available – come in store...

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Firewire Tomo SKX

Firewire Surfboards latest performance shortboard model The Tomo SKX is now in store on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  Designed by Dan ‘Tomo’ Thompson as Stuart Kennedy’s all-round shortboard model for the WSL 2017 season and intended to be surfed in mediocre to good waves. The SKX has a relatively full outline (for a performance shortboard) with a beautifully smooth, medium rocker and a nice even foil.  Plenty of foam has been left around the stringer with a domed deck that finishes with a relatively low, refined rail. The bottom feature the same trademark Tomo (QISC) ‘Quad-Inside-Single-Concave’ bottom contour...

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New Zak Secondhand Instagram account

We have just launched a brand new Zak Secondhand Instagram account @zak_secondhand  On this page we will be posting all the secondhand boards that come into the shop so you can easily keep track of what is in store.  Each board listed on this account will have 6 photos detailing the deck, bottom, nose, tail and fins as well as information on the dimensions, fin system and price.  Head over to @zak_secondhand and like to get involved 😉...

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