Month: March 2017

Chilli Churo

We have a few Chilli Churo models now on our racks at Zak Surfboards.   This board was deemed the winner in this year’s Stab Magazine – “Sinning Is More Fun In Summer” – a small wave board test amongst a packed field of some of the world’s best shapers.  The Churro shape was tested by esteemed pilots Craig Anderson, Taj Burrow and Chippa Wilson – ultimately claiming the number 1 spot. Initially conceived by James Cheal as a forgiving board with a large sweet spot, the type of board that would cater to a high performance approach in...

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EQ Seals Earplugs

As we head towards the cooler time of the year it’s important that we keep our ears protected from the elements – and one of our most popular options to do this with are EQ Seals Earplugs. Formerly known as Sorky’s – these are one of our best selling sets of ear plugs ever… we have a bunch of customers and staff members who swear by these EQ Seals .  These revolutionary ear plugs offer fantastic water protection while still allowing you to hear normally while you are using them.  The first ear plug in its field to offer...

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The DHD XRS Model is small wave fun distilled in foam and fibreglass .  A finely tuned design  perfected by Darren Handley with his stellar team of test pilots on the Gold Coast.  This model features a nice full outline, with a relatively flat rocker line – with just enough flip strategically placed in the nose & tail to fit into those super tight small wave transitions. This little board has about as much high performance potential as you can squeeze out of a groveller and is sure to make even the most marginal waves fun. We currently have...

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Dakine 2017 Leashes

We have a full range of the brand new Dakine 2017 Leashes in store at Zak Surfboards.  The 2017 leash is a complete over-haul from designs from previous seasons.  All aspects of these leashes have been improved for this year, from the rail saver to the cuff that wraps around your ankle. The new cuff is constructed out of a special lightweight molded neoprene. Not only lighter, this new cuff is also more comfortable to wear and less prone to slipping or twisting on your ankle. The actual leash is made out of the highest quality urethane available which...

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DHD the Twin model

We have the DHD the Twin model on our racks at Zak Surfboards. A super fun, user friendly shape that draws influence from the classic twin fin shapes from the 80s made famous by Mark Richards.  A great board for a variety of skill levels –  it is a shape that in the right dimensions, will work well for intermediate up to the advanced level surfers.  If you are bored with more conventional shapes or want something fun for average days, definitely check this model out!! The bottom shape of this board is flat in the front end for...

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Zak Surfboard Models

We have just got a restock of Zak Surfboard Models for our racks.  We’re loaded up with more stock of our Zak Models – including the Tripod, Venus Fly Trap (VFT) , Ringmaster & Twin Fish priced from $695 for the shortboards & $725 for hybrids & mini mals. Unlike many of our competitors, ALL of our own models at Zak Surfboards are manufactured right here in VICTORIA by your LOCAL shapers, glassers & sanders.  We use only the highest quality materials to construct our boards. We also build our boards in a more robust fashion than the industry...

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