Month: February 2017

Channel Islands Campbell Brothers Bonzers

We currently have a small size run of the Channel Islands Campbell Brothers Bonzers on the racks – How sick are these things?! As many of you know, the boss man has a bit of a crush on all things Bonzer and as soon as he saw these beauties, he had to get some in for the shop.  The two models that we have in store are the Shelter & the Biscuit Bonzer – designs that mesh the decades of board building expertise shared by the iconic Channel Islands label and Campbell Brothers surfboard brands. From their beginnings in...

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JS Industries Monsta Box HyFi

We have a size run of the JS Industries Monsta Box HyFi on our racks at Zak Surfboards!!!  Topped up last week, the JS Monsta Box has been one of our best selling shortboards in store since its release.  Initially conceived to combine the best features of two of JS’s best selling models into one board (The Monsta & The Blak Box II) The end result was a new model that  worked for a broader range of surfers and in a much wider range of conditions. This Monsta Box model has less rocker than the Monsta but a touch more...

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Stacey Machine Head Restock

We just got a Stacey Machine Head Restock  so there is now in a full size run hanging on our racks here at Zak Surfboards.  Recently added to added to their range – The Stacey Machine Head is Lee Stacey’s update to one of the most popular selling all round shortboards we’ve had in store over the past year – the 5150.  Designed to get the job done in 80% of the conditions the ocean will throw at you – the Stacey Machine Head is a fantastic addition to everyone’s quiver in the right dimensions.  Without doubt, one of the...

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Quick turn around Surfboard Repair Service

At Zak Surfboards we offer a Quick turn around Surfboard Repair Service – Drop Off your surfboard on Monday and we can have it Finished by Friday.  Got a board that desperately needs some love or has your prized stick been damaged by those darn clumsy baggage handlers? At Zak Surfboards in Thornbury we offer a comprehensive repair service for all the various types of surfcraft and other fiberglass things right here in Melbourne!! We repair all PU, EPS and Epoxy fiberglass surfboard constructions – including brands such as Firewire and Hayden Shapes.  In most cases, if you Drop Off your...

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Rocket 9 by Channel Islands

We have a full size run of the Rocket 9 by Channel Islands in store on our racks at Zak Surfboards.  This fairly new model for CI is quite the performer in a wide range of conditions.  What really stands out when you look at this board is it’s unique outline, it has a distinctly forward of center wide point  and pulls back into a relatively tidy tail.    Despite the pulled tail and relatively pointy nose this board has a decent amount of hidden volume – meaning that you can definitely ride it a fair bit smaller than your...

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Stacey 6505 Round Tail

The Stacey 6505 Round Tail is a performance shortboard shape with a bit of extra spark in the lower end of the wave range.  If you have been looking for a board that revels in small to medium sized waves, that still has all the spark of a high performance whip through turns, then this model is definitely worth checking out. One of the key features to the 6505’s performance is the finely tuned rocker.  This model has a lower entry rocker makes for easy paddling and glide through flatter sections.   The rocker through the rest of the board...

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