Month: January 2017

FCSII Neo Glass Fin Range

If you’re looking to give your board a bit of extra Zip in the weak summertime waves then you should take a look at the FCSII Neo Glass Fin Range,  Made utilizing a unique combination of materials and precision engineering precesses developed by FCS to provide consistently accurate & predictable pro standard performance. FCSII Neo Glass Fins are manufactured using a 50/50 combination of long strand milled fiberglass with high grade industrial nylon.  This creates a light, stiff material that possesses superior memory recall to traditional fiberglass (meaning the material returns to a neutral position quicker once flexed). The...

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Test Drive Fins

ZAK SURFBOARDS offers a range of Test Drive Fins from Futures & FCS. Our Test Drive program gives you the chance to test out a range of different fins before you buy a new set Check out our full range of Test Drive Fins HERE Fin Test Drive Prices: $10 per set per day $15 for 2 days / weekend $30 for a week You get a complimentary set with any Surfboard Hire or Demo Or pay $10 for 2 sets with any Hire or Demo Ring ahead to book your hire preference from our current range of test...

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Superbrand Pug

We have a run of the new Superbrand Pug model in store at Zak Surfboards. New for 2017, the Superbrand Pug is a shrunken down cousin of the very popular PigDog model.  Specifically designed for fun times in small to medium sized waves – these things look like epic fun. The extra breadth has been added to the plan shape of the Pug resulting in a fairly a full outline with plenty of width in the nose and tail which gives this board extra paddle power and more glide over flat sections.  The Pug also has deeper concaves than the...

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Doug Rogers Shapes

We have a few pretty choice Doug Rogers Shapes on our racks at the moment at Zak Surfboards.  These beautiful hand shapes were made in Torquay by the master craftsman with close to 50 years shaping experience under his belt. Doug prides himself on making some of the best balanced shapes going round.  He focuses on how water flows along the bottom of each shape – making sure each board grips the face of the wave when it should, releases at the right time through turns, allowing you to connect maneuvers with heaps of flow, without losing speed down...

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Top Up of the Pyzel Sure Thing Model

We have just got a Top Up of the Pyzel  Sure Thing Model for our racks here at Zak Surfboards.   Specially designed to give an unrivaled combination of Performance and Fun, the Pyzel Sure Thing is the perfect addition to your quiver this summer or for year round fun in less than ideal waves.  This model has a full-figured, yet streamlined outline with plenty of glide to help you speed along in even the weakest surf.  It does still manage to feel pretty darn snappy, responsive and on point through turns though. The wide, fuller outline gives a nod...

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Chilli Nevada Model

We currently have a full size run of the Chilli Nevada Model on our racks at Zak Surfboards!!! This recent addition to the Chilli Surfboards line-up is a high performance all-rounder that by all reports slays it in our local waves down here in Vicco. The Chilli Nevada Model has been designed to be an easy board to transition onto from your small wave shorter/wider boards. Described as a somewhat forgiving high performance shape, this model catches waves easily, carries through dead sections with a very positive and responsive feel through turns. What’s more the Nevada does all this with...

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