Month: March 2016

…Lost Pocket Rocket

We now have the …Lost Pocket Rocket hanging on our racks in store at Zak Surfboards.  Matt ‘Mayhem’ Biolos’ latest high performance shortboard design, the Pocket Rocket has primarily been developed with WSL surfer Kolohe Andino. Ready to change the bottom curves under his feet, this shortboard that Kolohe & Matt designed has a moderate even, continuous rocker, without any distinct flips or breaks.  In particular, there is more curve in the center of the board without the usual kick that Kolohe generally favors in the tail.  This new curve that they have come up with has really allowed Kolohe to approach the critical part of the wave with more aggression and most importantaly, without losing speed and drive (check out his form at Snapper 2016 on this new model). To make sure the rider maintains lift and speed, Matt has also deepened the concaves in this model somewhat from what Kolohe normally rides.  The end result is a great  high performance shortboard with built-in drive that won’t shy away from critical sections.  Although designed for a pro, this design does have a touch more volume than many high performance shortboards and a little extra surface area to keep you planing.  It probably can be ridden quite successfully in the right dimensions by those of us that aren’t quite at pro level yet 😉 Designed to be responsive and...

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Easter Opening Hours

Easter Opening Hours Good Friday        25th     — closed — Saturday               26th     10am – 5pm Easter Sunday   27th      — closed — Easter Monday  28th    — closed — Tuesday                  29th   10am – 6pm...

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Zak Surfboards Easter Bonanza Starts Today

Zak Surfboards Easter Bonanza Starts Today!!! Some massive deals accross our range to be had –   Lots of surfboards going out at cost price, wetsuits at up to 50% off, board bags at up to 40% off and fins up to 50% off Majority of these deals will be in store only but I will have some of the boards and a few other items available online at the sale prices as well. This sale is only until the end of the month (31st of March) and stock is limited – no excuses not to come in and grab a bargain Here are some more specific details about the stuff we have available: Beginner boards – Torqs and all softboards at cost. You’ll save at least $150. We have the best range of surfboards in Victoria with boards from JS, DHD, Stacey, Chilli, ACSOD, …Lost, Hayden Shapes, Rusty, Superbrand, Firewire, Pyzel and Emery.  Boards will start at $550 on sale (some exceptions apply for premium brands). Old Zak stock will be starting at $495 Wetsuits and Water Apparel Up to 50 % off all wetsuits, kids suits and women’s suits. Fins and Hardware Fins up to 50 percent off – Creatures, Kinetic Racing, Gorilla and selected longboard fins. Board Covers Up to 40% off FCS Dayrunner covers and 30% off FCS Explorers. *Only while stocks last. Skateboards  All...

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Winter 2016 Wetsuits

Quite a lot of our range of Winter 2016 Wetsuits arriving on our racks at the moment.   New season Winter 2016 2/2mm, 3/2mm and 4/3mm steamers and some boots, gloves and hoods now in store.  So far we have got in most of our stock from brands including Patagonia, O’neill and Xcel.  More arriving later this week / early next week from Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Roxy, Billabong, C-Skins and more. I have put quite a few of the different stock styles online so far – with more coming shortly.  We’ll give you a run down on some of the different winter options available on this blog in the coming weeks. Zak Surfboards are the  Wetsuit Specialists in Melbourne, we now provide one of the biggest & best ranges of surfing wetsuits in Victoria – conveniently located right here in Melbourne! Come in store to check out the arrivals we have in or shop selected styles...

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JS Industries Air17 now in store

We have the JS Industries Air17 now in store at Zak Surfboards.  This model has been developed by Jason Stevenson in collaboration with Julian Wilson to facilitate a progressive approach in everyday waves. What makes this board quite unique is the larger than usual sweet spot through the central part of the board.  This sweet spot makes it relaitvely forgiving to surf than many other performance short boards.  Added thickness under the front foot  coupled with deeper concaves make this board very quick off the mark- providing drive and acceleration right from take off.  The combination of this extra thickness and larger sweet spot helps you hold speed through turns and maintain it throughout the whole wave.  Helping you to flow through maneuvers with ease, and connect the dots from the start to the finish of the wave, even in more marginal conditions. The rail shape of the Air17 is a somewhat softer, medium to full rails than many performance shortboards. This model also has a somewhat flatter rocker through the middle of the board with more flipped sections in the nose and in the very last bit of the tail to accomodate quick direction changes and release when needed. Despite being a pro model, the AIR 17 in the right dimensions should work quite well for a number intermediate to advanced surfers in a variety of conditions.  I...

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Labour Day Weekend Opening Hours

Labour Day Weekend Opening Hours Saturday 12th March 10am – 5pm Sunday 13th March 12-4pm Monday 14th March  — Closed — Tuesday 15th March 10am – 6pm Hope you manage to snag a few 😉  Benji Weatherly Photo:...

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