Month: August 2015

Seacured Ultimate Key Storage Lock

We now have the Seacured Ultimate Key Storage Lock instore at Zak Surfboards.  These extra large Key Storage locks are specifically designed to allow you to put your entire bunch of keys in it while you surf (no need to...

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Stringer Planers

  Here at The Surfboard Studio we have a wide range of Stringer Planers to choose from. Whether your looking for something simple to get started or a longtime shaper looking for a different option we have you covered....

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New FCSII MB Keel Quad PG fins now instore

We now have the New FCSII MB Keel Quad PG fins now instore. Finally a great option for those wider tailed shapes and retros for FCSII.  Enjoy the grip and control of these split keel quad setups without sacrificing...

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