Month: May 2013

Stacey’s have arrived!

 G’day crew, our Stacey quiver of Bounty Hunters has finally arrived and we are frothing over them. They are some of the finest small to medium wave high performance boards we have ever seen. And the finish on them is immaculate courtesy of the Glass Lab. There is a lot of love in these boards and Lee Stacey is definitely a shaper on the rise. On top of that, the boys from Stacey are a super cool crew and have made it easy to get these boards in the shop (Thanks to Liam and thanks to Jack Perry for pointing them in our direction!). Check the pic below as well as the video which gives you a bit of insight into the man himself. For more info on the Bounty Hunter or other models in the Stacey range, check here: or ask Damo about the quiver he has got off Lee for Costa Rica.  Do yourselves a favour, get in the store and put one of these babies under your arm. Yew! Stacey Surfboards – Surf all Day, Thrash All Night from Stacey Surfboards Pty Ltd on...

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