Month: February 2013

Carve Boards USA Coming to Zak Surfboards

After a 2 week work/play holiday Damian and I ended up meeting with Joe Gerlach Father of Former pro surfer Brad Gerlach in California to get some original Carve Boards USA into our store. After many customers asking about them we decided to organize a meeting with the man of Carve USA Mr Gerlach to discuss a monthly order of Carve boards, Surfsticks, and Longsticks his 2013 models will blow your surfing skills to another...

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100% Tangle Free Legrope Instore March 1st

It’s been a long wait but wait no more, finally our shipment of XM Surfmore 100% Tangle FREE legropes will be landing on the 1st March. Every surfer goes through a session having there legrope wrapped around there leg making them look like a kook going over the falls or tripping over your leash running out to get a wave. Believe me these legropes work every surfer needs one for every board in there quiver, life’s  too short to f#$k around,enjoy your surfing finally without getting tangled. Zak Tangle-Free™ Surfboard Leashes – Fact or Fiction?   I know you’ve heard a lot about the Surf More XM Tangle-Free™ surfboard leashes; but do you know what people are really saying? Check out this product review from “Okay, I have to admit when I first heard about this new Tangle-Free™ leash my internal gimmick B.S. alert went off–big time. But then I got my hands on the leash, and I started to see how it might really work. Every surfer I know has been hog-tied by his leash more times than he can count. This can range from the mild annoyance of getting tangled up, standing on the leash, or a missed wave to a pretty darn painful leash between-the-toes experience. All of which gets exponentially worse in large surf. At first glance, everything about this leash is the same as...

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