Month: January 2013

Stoker V Machines Handshaped By Bruce Fowler California Pre-Order NOW

Hey Crew Once again we are heading over to the USA to California in search of some of the finest shapers on the planet. One shaper we have found is Bruce Fowler aka Dead Shaper who is working with some of the finest craftsmen in the history of Californian Surfing. Here is a little history you should read about the man and also check this one out  .   Once understanding the history on DS you maybe interested more about his surfboard “STOKER V MACHINE” which we have coming in mid march to our Australian shores, here is what he has to say about it. What you are going to find once the boards start getting in the water is that Stoker V Machines have huge appeal to ALL skillsets. They are such an easy board to ride that guys frequently send me emails claiming “I killed their quivers”.  They end up stating “this is my go to board”……….. “I apologize to my other board that has sat there ever since I got my Stoker”…….  “I should have been on a board like this years ago”…….. “my friends are always stealing my board to ride between go outs”……… and best of all, “I need to have a quiver of these boards”. Guys end up selling their fish, tongue depressors, and longboards to finance their Stoker habit. The older...

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Board of the Day: Lost Taj Burrow Whiplash

  Hey Crew, back with another installment of board of the day (although it should probably be called something else given that there aint a new one every day)… Anyway, the more astute and interent savvy amongst you would have noticed that a while back Taj – arguably the best surfer not to win a world title…yet – switched up his equipment and began riding some Mayhem boards at the end of 2011. Success quickly followed with Taj winning the first WCT event of 2012 on the Gold Coast before winning again at Steamer Lane in the second last WCT event of the year. To cut a long story short, Taj has been ripping on his Mayhems and now that he is pretty much exclusively surfing boards from Matty Biolos, Lost have brought out a couple of new models bearing Taj’s name, one of which is the TB Whiplash. This board is so new that they have only just announced its existence on the Lost website (check here for some awesome surfing from the man himself: ). The TB Whiplash aint for everyone though: this board is not one of those ‘paddles well’ high volume boards with flat rocker and boxy rails. The board has continuous rocker with a really refined template. This board will literally do whatever you want but you need to be paddle fit and capable...

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