Month: November 2012

Board of the Day – installment 2

Hi Crew. Back with another of our ‘board of the day’ posts introducing you all to some of the new stock we have in for summer. Today we are taking a look at a model and brand all the way from San Diego. Zakka came across Sharp Eye Surfboards when he went into a factory to meet Larry Mabile who does Third World Exotic boards (which we also have in stock). He reckons it was probably the most pristine factory he has ever walked into and the boards we have in stock reflect this – the finish on them are flawless. The shaper behind Sharp Eye is Marcio Zouvi who established the brand in 1993. Although relatively young, Marcio has a bunch of WQS guys on board including Fisher Heverly and Oliver Kurtz. Check the Sharp Eye website here:     We have a quiver of Marcio’s Disco model which is a high performance small wave board. It has a bit more volume than your normal shorty and a little more rocker than a lot of other stubby small wave boards but it will let you surf like you are still on that normal shortboard. As a result you can still surf top to bottom and tight in the pocket which sets the board apart from a lot of other small wave boards on the market at the...

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Board of the day – installment 1

  G’day crew, this is the first in a new series of blogs which will introduce you all to some of the new board models we have in store at the moment. Zak has already briefly introduced you all to some of the new summer board models we have received recently and I just wanted to bring you all up to speed with one of the best we have in store at the moment – the JR Voodoo. We all know summer can be a bit of a bummer for waves but it doesn’t have to be if you have a board that allows you to get the most out of the summer months. JR calls this his performance fish but that description doesn’t really do this board justice. It’s full through the nose for super easy paddling but unlike a lot of other stubby small wave boards, the Voodoo is about as snappy as you are going to get. The flattened out rocker means it is super fast and the extra width will get you through the dead sections with ease. Here is what JR himself has to say about the new model: “Designed with high performance in mind, the Voodoo comes standard as a tri-quad set up for versitility. The Voodoo has a flat entry rocker to a very flat tail rocker. Its plan shape being wide...

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Kyrpt Surf Mats Instore

Developed in 1933, the air filled surf mat was an Australian invention. It predated all of the modern surfboard design and history that we know today. Krypt is proud to carry on the development of this uniquely Australian surf craft, which is at the cutting edge of high performance surfing, into the 21st century. The Krypt MT5 Surf Mat is designed by surf mat master Mark Thomson. This 5th generation design is the product of 10 years design experimentation and development, The MT5 sets the standard for advanced fabrics in modern surf mat design and construction. The MT5 surf mat is made from an ultra thin, lightweight, Hi-Tech military fabric that is incredibly strong and durable. Each surf mat features a self-sealing one-way valve that is unique to Krypt Surf Technology.       In waves that are 1 foot to 10 feet, the Krypt MT5 is a super intuitive and exciting surf mat to ride. It has fantastic grip on the water, which allows for incredible speed, awesome power and extended projection through each turn. This combination of speed and control makes the MT5 the most advanced production surf mat ever made. This ultra modern surf mat is a high performance surf craft guaranteed to put a smile on your face every time you surf. The future of surf mats has...

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