Month: November 2011

Sneak peek at the chook shed

After a epic surf , done some business picked up some logs from Vane , 4D, and some of my own boards from the factory, dropped in to Maurice Cole’s factory to pick up a few customs and took a few pics off what Rob was...

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Vane Logs Arriving on Tuesday

Well they are nearly finished and Sean promised me that he’ll polish them on the weekend so get ready crew, these boards will blow your mind. For all you loggers out there line up cause i have only two coming so first in...

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Gash Muff Diver’s On The Racks

Gash, Muff diver what is this all about, l know what your thinking but l Quized Browny and he no’s nothing. These boards may look short curvy and ugly but they go insane, great for summer slop and can handle sucky little...

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Emery Surfboards Instore

    Here is our stock of Emery boards on the rax most have decals on deck look pretty flash look and feel good , we have two models the Mini and the Stump Thumb which is a five fin, we did the first batch with Fcs to make it...

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