Month: November 2011

True Ames Fins

True Ames Fins   As we all know, surfing is not only a sport but an art form as well. It has been since its resurgence back on to the world stage back in the 1950s and continues to be so in the 21st century. A major reason for this is technology and the technology of fins in particular, which is where True Ames Fins comes in to the picture. Chuck Ames and the True Ames company came on to the surf scene in 1979, started creating fins, and have never looked back. True Ames maintains relationships with many world famous shapers and surfers, which provides True Ames with plenty of feedback to help in fin production. About the Product Established in 1979 by Chuck Ames the True Ames Company specializes in producing the finest fins for your stick. Whether you are a surfer, SUP’er, or windsurfer, True Ames makes a fin to fit your needs. True Ames Fins are very popular and have used by shapers such as Al Merrick, Dale Velzy, Wayne Rich and the Yaters just to name a few. Many well-known surfers Such as Tommy Curren, Jimmy Gamboa, Brad Gerlach, and Josh Farberow use True Ames Fins on their boards. These relationships are vital to the quality manufacturing that True Ames is well known for worldwide.   The Pros True Ames fins have many great...

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Sneak peek at the chook shed

See the full gallery on Posterous After a epic surf , done some business picked up some logs from Vane , 4D, and some of my own boards from the factory, dropped in to Maurice Cole’s factory to pick up a few customs and took a few pics off what Rob was working on when l got...

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Few pictures of the new Vane logs

See the full gallery on Posterous In store at zaksurfboards only 3 logs long wait until next stock arrives. Come and pop in to see the goodness, unbelievable logs one of a kind your the man Sean...

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Firewire Stealth & Lost Sub Scorher In Store Now

  The “Stealth”…. is a high performance, secret weapon hybrid formulated by “hiding” our …Lost “Rocket” model into the guise of a pointed nose performance short board. Team riders (“Pros”) were stoked on “The Rockets” performance in small surf but were afraid to use in contests for fear of negative reaction from judges. At the same time, the “Bros” were asking for a “Short board that surfs like the Rocket” so I can ride a pointed nose outline. Viola! The combination of extreme tail rocker and deep concave provide lift and unparalleled turning radius. The Low entry rocker with a traditional pulled in nose template allows performance short board antics with the speed of a “fish”. Full rails and wide tail keep everything easy to use for everyone. Available now in FST technology as a 5 fin “convertible”. Finally, there’s a board that can be “everything for everyone”   The “Sub Scorcher” I wanna board for ‘mush’. Something short and wide, but still a hi performance shortboard….something like Dane’s board”, Kolohe Andino. The challenge was laid down. Starting with the old SD, we squashed the dims to 5’6″ x 19 3/4″ x 2 3/16″, lowered the entry rocker and shallowed out the concave through the center to straighten the rail line (for drive) and made it easier to lay such a wide platform over on a rail. Voila! Our...

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Vane Logs Arriving on Tuesday

Well they are nearly finished and Sean promised me that he’ll polish them on the weekend so get ready crew, these boards will blow your mind. For all you loggers out there line up cause i have only two coming so first in best dressed. seeya...

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