Month: September 2011


Hey all Timmys doing a great job updating the second hand boards eveytime we get new ones, just got a heap of aloha and webbers from gsi which were demos, hardly surfed for nearly half price , call in or have a look through the photos. All boards are now catagorized to help you find that board you are looking for… hangloose...

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Skateboards, Cruisers, Longboards, we got the lot .

* Please note this in an older blog post from 2011 Hey all I would like to say straight up well bought bloody time, good to see the Melbourne is  surfing the concrete again we have been selling a shit load of skateboards again and l like to thank the Penny skateboards for kicking off the trend, enjoy the profits Mr Craig you deserve it. There is a heap of skateboards on the market today, cruisers, longboards, downhill, salom, electric and everthing in between. We are stocking over 40 completes on the rack from brands such as Rivera, Palasades, Madrid, folklore, Sideways, Sector Nine, Grem, Fiik, Penny, Streeboardz, Smoothstar  and what ever else you want we will get in. Other brands we can get are Gordon&Smith, Arbor, and what ever else you find in other shops . Prices range from $150 to $350, we do stock lots of boards so we are happy to crunch deals if your a tightwod. We do also  stock a heap of hardware such as , Paris, Tracker, Caddillac, Alva, Pig, Blue Print, Roger, Foundation,  Auto Barn. Here is a few photos on what’s in at the moment, we are restocking every week so stay tuned . OOps it late ill do it tomorrow. Offshore all week guys ,  pull a sicky and have a surf stuff the boss , except you Timmy. Zak...

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JR Surfboards Shaped By Jason Rodd

Hey all Zak surfboards are pround to announce that we are getting  some JR surfboards at the start of November, we have chosen 2 models  out of his range which will work down in vicco waves, Jr is smashing it up on the Gold Coast and in Japan his surfboards are all Shaped by Jr himself. The two models we have picked are the Boxtsa and the Boss he is a little info about the models or you can check out his web site . We do custom jr boards as well so have a look at his models and we are happy to get one down for you. BOXTA The Boxta is a quick and responsive board, great fro those mushy summer conditions. Flat rocker combined with deep single to double concave, give this design plenty of squirt, the wider straighter tail plane shape gives it plenty of hold and can take care of itself  when the waves get punchier. The Boxta is the most fun on 3 fins, a must have in the quiver. ridden 4′-5′ shorter then your standard board. Suits 1-4 foot waves. ASL Board Bible 2011 – JR from Surfing Life on Vimeo. THE BOSS The Boss has a wider plane shape great for small wave, the tail area is wide but pulled in at the last 6′ to a tight round tail, creating...

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VANE LOGS Shaped By Sean Nettleton (formerly Note)

ZAK SURFBOARDS will be the first to get Sean’s new brand of longboards called VANE. Shaper Sean Nettleton originally from NOTE longboards has gone out and started a brand of his own after Sean and Jordan decided to go there own ways . Sean if  you read this this Hurry the F#@! up crew are frothing for them.      ...

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EMERY Shaped By Allan Emery In Store Soon

Hi All He is a sneak peak of the Range of Emery Surfboards which we will offer for summer 2012, we have picked two models to suit melbourne and vicco wave all shaped by the man himself Allan Emery. Went to byron 3 weeks ago to have a talk with the boys and have decided to push his lable doing in vicco for reasons for there boards will work really good down here there rockers and lines will be a perfect shortboard for our wave, the two models we are starting with are the STUMP and the MINI ROUND we are doing a range from 5’8 through to 6’2. Here is a little info off there website  on  a look of the Stump and Mini enjoy.    THE  MINI                                 A compressed version of Melling’s Pro Model. We’e flattened out the rocker, beefed up the rails, widened the centre and taken 3 inches of its height. Similar to a greasy midget the Mini will squeeze into any, and every small space without compromising it’s abilty to be thrown. Emery – Mini Model from emery surfboards on Vimeo. THE  STUMP A board designed for every day beachies. Wider throughout and with more volume and less rocker  than your shortboard, the Stump is your perfect summer slop killer. Skip over the fat sections and punt over that topless hottie frolicking in the...

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Whats Coming At Zak Surfboards For Summer

Hey All Sorry about being super slack on the posts lately, but l have been working hard on our online store at l didn’t realize how much work is in one of these little stores. We are giving away a Free Sup and its for the first 200 customers who buy online, you could by a bloody block of wax and you could win a Sup package over $1000 dollars that’s a 1 in 200 chance guys not bad odds for a 4 buck block of wax. Anyway  whats in store for summer is one of the biggest ranges of Surfboards, Sups, Skateboards seen in any store in Victoria, we have been collecting a shit load of secondhand surfboards and Sups for the cheaper option, which seems to be the trend out here at the moment. Greg Brown has done an amazing Range of boards from big guy performance to little hybrid shortys which look insane, Doug Rogers is shaping a range of boards for the  person who apprciates smooth flowing lines and templates which the old crew would look at and froth over. A must look in store now. Maurice Cole has finally done a range of Metro 3’s for the over 100 kg rippers. Dave Boyd has nearly finished a run of logs and mid lengths for us and Sean Neatleton  who was partners with Jordan...

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