Month: January 2011

WINNER – Tim Proctor

Zak Surfboards would like to thank all those that signed up to our Newsletter over the last month. Congratulations to Tim Proctor who was the 50th member added to our data base.  Tim  received a Zak hoody, 2 Zak T-shirts and one of the new Ocean & Earth one piece leg ropes. We are on the verge of having regular updates on our newsletter and specials that are exclusive to the newsletter readers. Keep in...

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  ATTENTION!!!! Scrimpers , tight arses, tight wads , stink fisters and euros. This is the straight down the line bare bones clearance sale. Procrastinate no more , the time for action has arrived. Dust off the old wallet put some shine in the coin pile. Are you a mover and shaker or are you gunna. Don t be a nuffer, fluffer or duffer ! Latest clearance and ex demo boards have hit the ground running ….(if any of the above offends “dry your eyes princess & H.T.F.U. no images were...

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  THIS IS OTIS – We only make fashion eyewear with the high quality, optically correct mineral glass lenses. Otis was established at the turn of the new millenium, the year 2000, to redefine the eyewear market with a unique point of difference. Otis will never compromise the care of its exsitance, the key focus to provide a seperior quality product. Otis has deeply entrenched roots in surf culture, design, art music and all that encompasses this life...

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