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Over the Falls SALE

Summer is winding down & it won’t be long until we are deluged with all new winter stock – so we’re having an “Over the Falls SALE”

Traditional Zak Longboard Shapes

Traditional longboard or log shapes that have been specially designed for smooth turning, stable walking and maximum hangtime up front.

Creatures Surf Accessories Case

Carry all of your surf essential bits and pieces in this convenient case – fins, wax, combs, wax, a spare leash, sunscreen etc

Zak Quad Fish

We have tweaked the shape & added 4 fins to give it a slightly bigger wave range than previous versions

Futures Rasta Twin plus 1

This Rasta Twin has a specially designed leading edge on the side fins that makes transitions from rail to rail ultra smooth.

Surfboard Studio

World’s Best Wax Scraper

A scraper which flies through even the thickest wax coats. The plastic blades don’t scratch the deck and last awhile.


Wetsuit Care Tips

How to look after your wetsuit & get the most life out of each suit you own

Thruster vs Quad

With 5 fin plugs becoming common in a lot of surfboards – should I surf my board as a Thruster or a Quad?

Surfboard Volume

Surfboard Volume has become a prominent unit of measuring surfboards – what does it mean?