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DHD Wilko F13

“fast as f@#k & super fun in little waves” but with “a tail that holds through carves so you can ride it in good waves too” (Matt Wilkinson)


This model successfully combines a true performance shortboard with user friendly volume resulting in a easy surfing performance shortboard

Billabong Furnace Carbon Ultra 403

One of the most technical wetsuits available this winter, the Furnace Carbon Ultra delivers Japanese innovation via its Kiwami carbon fiber thermal lining


Thruster vs Quad

With 5 fin plugs becoming common in a lot of surfboards – should I surf my board as a Thruster or a Quad?

Surfboard Volume

Surfboard Volume has become a prominent unit of measuring surfboards – what does it mean?

Surfboard Rocker

The amount of rocker a board has is one of the most critical elements in surfboard design in relation to how a board will perform.  Matching the right amount of curve in the right areas, nose to tail, complementing the curve of a boards outline to result in a board...