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The current Zak Surfboards range.

Zak Ringmaster

Zak RingmasterThe Zak Ringmaster really ticks a lot of boxes for a lot of our customers and as a result it has been one of our bestselling models since its introduction to our range. It is Zak’s take on a hybrid style fish, containing all the paddle power you will need packed into a sporty shape that you can maneuver easily.

Zak Ringmaster 2Zak Ringmaster Collage 1The Zak Ringmaster has a flat deck and boxy rails, ensuring an exceptionally forgiving and stable ride.The slightly more pulled in swallow tail and lower rails through the tail gives you the capacity to turn a little more sharply than your traditional fish. When ridden in the correct dimensions, this shape is perfect for those who want to maximize their paddle power without feeling like they are on a barge.

IMG_8510 Zak Ringmaster Collage 2Suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced surfers in the right dimensions – surf it in all conditions up to 6 feet.   All of our own models at Zak Surfboards are shaped, glassed and finished locally here in Victoria.  We use only the highest quality materials to construct our boards. We also build our boards in a more robust fashion than the industry standard.

Come and check out the Ringmaster and more of Zak’s designs in store or ONLINE

Zak Venus Fly Trap

Zak Venus Fly TrapThe Zak Venus Fly Trap is our take on the performance mini-mal/midlength.  One of our most popular selling boards in store, this model combines the full or wide nosed front end of a longboard with a pulled in round tail.

IMG_8519 Zak Venus Fly Trap Collage 1The low rocker line and flat deck means that this board paddles and glides onto waves like a dream.  The pinched rail and pulled in pin tail makes this board nice and easy to maneuver.  It’s ability to make quick direction changes means that you can position and turn this board with ease, a lot more like a shortboard than most boards this length.

The Zak Venus Fly trap has been designed to be a super forgiving board to surf, with performance on hand for when you need it.   This is a great board for beginners through to advanced surfers in all types of waves up to around 6 feet.

IMG_8566 Zak Venus Fly Trap VFT collage 2All of our own models at Zak Surfboards are shaped, glassed and finished locally here in Victoria.  We use only the highest quality materials to construct our boards. We also build our boards in a more robust fashion than the industry standard.

Come and check out the Venus Fly Trap and more of Zak’s designs in store or ONLINE

Coloured Zak Models

Coloured Zak Models 1Coloured Zak Models Collage 1We have a bunch of new Coloured Zak Models in store courtesy of our talented glasser/sander Darren ‘Dibby’ Milliken.  Tail dips comboed with white and black vector cloth & coloured Futures fin boxes to boot.  Should have a pretty steady run of different colours in our more popular models coming through the store for the next 3-4 months.  Come instore to check them out or have a squiz ONLINE

Coloured Zak Models 2Coloured Zak Models Collage  2Coloured Zak Models siamese 1Coloured Zak Models collage siamese 1Colouredsiamese 2 Coloured Siamese collage siamese 2 Coloured Zak Models TripodColoured Tripod collage

Zak Surfboards Endless Summer $80,000 clearance sale

It is coming into that time of year again where the Rip Curl Pro is upon us, the first solid groundswells of the year are approaching, Indo season is about to begin, and we are having another killer sale. There are going to be some crazy price drops on rubber as well as some unbelievable once-off deals on heaps of new stock surfboards. It just might be that the board you have been eyeing up over the past month or so will be amongst the sale items so get in quick and get an awesome deal… Hope to see you all there!

Stoker V Machines Handshaped By Bruce Fowler California Pre-Order NOW

Stoker V Machine LogoHey Crew

Once again we are heading over to the USA to California in search of some of the finest shapers on the planet. One shaper we have found is Bruce Fowler aka Dead Shaper who is working with some of the finest craftsmen in the history of Californian Surfing. Here is a little history you should read about the man http://www.cadamaran.com/Bruce_Fowler.html and also check this one out http://www.goletasurfing.com/fowler.html  .


Once understanding the history on DS you maybe interested more about his surfboard “STOKER V MACHINE” which we have coming in mid march to our Australian shores, here is what he has to say about it.
What you are going to find once the boards start getting in the water is that Stoker V Machines have huge appeal to ALL skillsets. They are such an easy board to ride that guys frequently send me emails claiming “I killed their quivers”.  They end up stating “this is my go to board”……….. “I apologize to my other board that has sat there ever since I got my Stoker”…….  “I should have been on a board like this years ago”…….. “my friends are always stealing my board to ride between go outs”……… and best of all, “I need to have a quiver of these boards”.

Guys end up selling their fish, tongue depressors, and longboards to finance their Stoker habit.

The older guys that thought they were relegated to longboards for the rest of their lives due to knee, shoulder or back problems or just plain”old age” end up rejuvenated like kids again. One guy actually told me he convinced his wife to let him sleep with his new board the first night he got it.

That is so damn funny it reminds me of an old ad for Wardy Surfboards that appeared in “surfer Magazine” back in the 60′s.

Beginners get better faster on these boards.  Intermediates improve from plateaus they have hit in their surfing. Advanced surfers find new approaches to riding waves from how the boards perform. Pro surfers consider them their “secret weapon” for competition.


Our Mantra:






Board of the Day: Lost Taj Burrow Whiplash

Whiplash 4


Hey Crew, back with another installment of board of the day (although it should probably be called something else given that there aint a new one every day)… Anyway, the more astute and interent savvy amongst you would have noticed that a while back Taj – arguably the best surfer not to win a world title…yet – switched up his equipment and began riding some Mayhem boards at the end of 2011. Success quickly followed with Taj winning the first WCT event of 2012 on the Gold Coast before winning again at Steamer Lane in the second last WCT event of the year. To cut a long story short, Taj has been ripping on his Mayhems and now that he is pretty much exclusively surfing boards from Matty Biolos, Lost have brought out a couple of new models bearing Taj’s name, one of which is the TB Whiplash. This board is so new that they have only just announced its existence on the Lost website (check here for some awesome surfing from the man himself: http://www.lostsurfboards.net/2013/lost-tv-whiplash-x-taj/ ). The TB Whiplash aint for everyone though: this board is not one of those ‘paddles well’ high volume boards with flat rocker and boxy rails. The board has continuous rocker with a really refined template. This board will literally do whatever you want but you need to be paddle fit and capable of generating speed on your own. If you are after a high performance shorty for good quality waves and want to rip then this is the board that might just change your life! We have the only two in stock in Australia, direct from the Lost factory in San Clemente, CA. (5’11 x 18 1/4 x 2 1/8 FCS and 5’11 x 18 1/2 x 2 1/4 Futures [pictured] are both in store and available now). While we are on the subject of Lost, stay tuned for details of how to win yourself one of Julian Wilson’s own Mayhem boards…

Board of the Day – installment 2

Hi Crew. Back with another of our ‘board of the day’ posts introducing you all to some of the new stock we have in for summer. Today we are taking a look at a model and brand all the way from San Diego. Zakka came across Sharp Eye Surfboards when he went into a factory to meet Larry Mabile who does Third World Exotic boards (which we also have in stock). He reckons it was probably the most pristine factory he has ever walked into and the boards we have in stock reflect this – the finish on them are flawless. The shaper behind Sharp Eye is Marcio Zouvi who established the brand in 1993. Although relatively young, Marcio has a bunch of WQS guys on board including Fisher Heverly and Oliver Kurtz. Check the Sharp Eye website here: http://www.sharpeyesurfboards.com/



We have a quiver of Marcio’s Disco model which is a high performance small wave board. It has a bit more volume than your normal shorty and a little more rocker than a lot of other stubby small wave boards but it will let you surf like you are still on that normal shortboard. As a result you can still surf top to bottom and tight in the pocket which sets the board apart from a lot of other small wave boards on the market at the moment.

If you are after something a little different and aren’t getting enough love out of the major board brands, get in and check something a little different – bring your dancing shoes!


Board of the day – installment 1


G’day crew, this is the first in a new series of blogs which will introduce you all to some of the new board models we have in store at the moment. Zak has already briefly introduced you all to some of the new summer board models we have received recently and I just wanted to bring you all up to speed with one of the best we have in store at the moment – the JR Voodoo. We all know summer can be a bit of a bummer for waves but it doesn’t have to be if you have a board that allows you to get the most out of the summer months.

JR calls this his performance fish but that description doesn’t really do this board justice. It’s full through the nose for super easy paddling but unlike a lot of other stubby small wave boards, the Voodoo is about as snappy as you are going to get. The flattened out rocker means it is super fast and the extra width will get you through the dead sections with ease. Here is what JR himself has to say about the new model: “Designed with high performance in mind, the Voodoo comes standard as a tri-quad set up for versitility. The Voodoo has a flat entry rocker to a very flat tail rocker. Its plan shape being wide through the nose with a wide rounded diamond tail or “coffin tail”, unique to the Voodoo model. The plan shape gives this board plenty of paddle speed and ability to catch waves with ease. The wide coffin tail gives a smooth feel through turns and performs unbelievably in small to medium waves. The bottom shape consists of single concave running from the nose through to deep single double and a slight vee off the tail. This combination gives the Voodoo ridiculous amounts of down the line speed and the smoothest transition through its turns. This is the modern day performance fish and a must have board. Suitable for 1-4 Foot waves and ridden 6 inches shorter than your pro series dimensions.”


In addition to the Voodoo being one of the most unique and interesting summer boards this year, JR is also offering some sick tints and sprays (like the one you see in the photo) for only $55 more. They can also be ordered in normal PU, standard 201 eps and the new 201 tri-flex eps/epoxy construction. The one in the photo is mine – so you better get in and put your name on another!


Oh – and check the photo below. How good does Zakka look in neoprene!

Surf More XM…

G’day crew,


On the  the back of Zak’s adventures in Hawaii and California and on top of all the great boards heading your way, we are proud to be the first stockist in Australia of XM tangle free leashes. Yep, that’s right – tangle free… Finally someone has stepped up and solved one of those annoying but long-standing problems. There is nothing worse than turning to paddle for a wave and realising that your leggy has begun doing a good imitation of a python around your back leg. Well you are not going to have to worry anymore. Surf More XM have, on top of producing their very own urethane in San Clemente, California, introduced a light weight slider which acts to prevent any coiling. Check this youtube clip for more info: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsJ-cuDeZlM They’re sick and they are on their way to Oz. Available exclusively at Zak Surfboards…





Normal transmission now resumed…

G’day Crew. Just a quick apology for those of you who have tried to check the blog over the last 24-48 hours. Over that time, our blog was apparently hijacked after Zakka’s laptop caught a virus in Hawaii! A few of you might have been interested in what came up instead of images of brand spanking new …Lost, Channel Islands, Pyzel and EA surfboards but we are sure you’ll appreciate the blog being back to normal now! Just spoke to Zak as he was about to paddle out into some 4 foot, warm North Shore fun… Stay tuned for more updates.

Sharp Eye…something a little different

During his journey through the land of the free and the home of the brave, Zak has come across a few little gems that we will be passing on to customers. One of them is Sharp Eye Surfboard’s Disco model. Sharp Eye were established in San Diego in the early 90s and make boards for a bunch of QS guys. The Disco will work really well on those small summer days down here in Vicco. Zak also reckons that the boards themselves look top notch. Here’s what the guys at Sharp Eye had to say about the Disco: “New design created for small to medium surf. The Disco is a high performance small wave board that allows you to surf like your normal short board. The bottom has the most amount of rocker than all other small wave designs and the outline is wider than the glider model. You will go fast and turn tight on those small but fun days. The Disco should be order 4 to 6 inches smaller than your regular short board.” Keep checking this blog and the website for more details and check Sharp Eye’s website here: http://www.sharpeyesurfboards.com/


Kinetic Racing fins in store now!

Hey crew, hope you have all been getting your fair share of waves over the past week with the first really decent winter swell on offer. Just a quick update to let you know that to compliment our new range of JS boards (Electro, Monsta and Revolution) we have just received our first shipment of Kinetic Racing fins and they are looking the goods. These are the fins that Parko, Occy, Jack Freestone, Bruce Irons and Dusty Payne are on. We can’t guarantee you’ll surf like those guys but you will definitely notice a difference in performance if you pick the right set. In that respect we can help you out a bit as we are holding a number of fin models for you guys to demo. We are also offering a great deal on a set of Kinetics when you purchase a JS board. One more great thing about Kinetics is that it doesn’t matter whether your boards are FCS or Futures as Kinetics make the same fin templates available in both systems… Sweet!


Hey freaks

Have you surfed one of these, have you even heard of a displacement hull, these boards are fucking insane i have been surfing a 7’0 hull for the last 6 months and just glassed up a 6’6 hull in a smoke tint this week, and yes i will give you nutters a crack if you wish. Here is a little info about the whole design of the hulls. I must say , Kenny did tell me these boards will be the board that everyone wants . Have a read about them thanks to surfscience.com.


Displacement Hulls

The displacement hull surfboard can be a very rewarding design given the right riding style and wave conditions. SurfScience has been curious about this bottom contour design for a while now, so we did some research and spoke with Steven Mast of Mast Surfboards. He talked to us about what makes a displacement hull different and why it may be worth our time to investigate. READ FULL ARTICLE GREAT READ AT.



Hey crew

Zak surfboards would like announce that we have  Ken Reimers, Darren Dickson and Doug Rogers bringing out a range of displacement hulls , single fins, mals and retro eggs under the zak retro lable. We have picked a great bunch of shapers who have done  plenty of time in the shaping bay since the 60s to offer you a fine selection of  boards for summer. Here is a few of our first boards we  have played around with tints,  next week we will have some pieces of artwork to offer you , cannot wait to show you.

check ya

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